Fibonacci - TRAVEL CONTEST #142 and winners from CONTEST #137 - Travel Clouds

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Hi, travelers and photo lovers!

You are kindly invited to take part in TRAVEL CONTEST's theme today "Fibonacci" :)

Feel free to interpret the theme in every way you like, hopefully more people will be inspired, motivated and challenged to join this contest round!

Please read the rules carefully before applying ;)
Scroll down please, to check the winners announcement!


  1. One entry per person.
  2. To enter, upload your photo(s) and text into the comment section below. There's no need to create a separate post.
  3. In order to be considered, an entry should consist of at least one photo and your personal story/info/memory.
  4. All the photos you use to enter the contest must be your own and taken by yourself.
  5. All the text you enter must be written by yourself in English.
  6. Deadline: One week starting from the datetime of the contest announcement.
  7. No NSFW content.


  • One Winner will be set as 40% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • One Honorable Mention will be set as 10% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • All winning and mentioned accounts will be followed, periodically reviewed and their best works upvoted.
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  • If you decide to create a separate post, you may include the link to it inside your entry but that post won't be considered as part of the contest entry itself.
  • Please be fair! If you have multiple accounts, enter the contest with only one of them. All abusers will be permanently banned from the contest.
  • Plagiarism will be reported.
  • All upvotes and reblogs are highly and kindly welcome as they will allow for more, better and bigger prizes in the future ;)
  • This contest is a work-in-progress! I want it to be awesome, so all your feedback, ideas and criticism are always welcome!
  • All delegations are warmly welcome, let's grow this activity quicker! :)
  • By entering the contest you hereby implicitly agree that Travel Contest may use one image from your entry post in a next post, only for the purpose of the contest itself.

Here are our winners and mentioned today. Enjoy!

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Clouds. For me, they are inextricably linked to sunsets and sunrises, because they are the main protagonists of the performance, the ones who make the difference. That's why I have so many photos of sunsets. Mostly because of the clouds. And forgive me if I repeat myself often by posting them on this platform, I can't help myself from doing so. It is often like an addiction. 😎😄
And these clouds, the main protagonists in the sky I photographed on a cold December evening, traveling between two settlements in my country.
And they are special. Do you see why? They look like rays of the sun during sunset. Lovely, isn't it? A painting which, as I have said so many times, only nature is capable of inventing and drawing.
I hope you like it! 😊

  • Congrats, @isabelpena, you are the Honorable Mention! :)

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Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia. This is the landscape that I saw every morning when I woke up from the kitchen window. A mountain that every day had a different scenario.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports the contest by participating, delegating, upvoting and re-blogging! All the best and good luck in all your endeavors!




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My Fibonacci entry. This photo i took on a Sintra palace, quinta da regaleira.

Awesome place and great photograph! Bravo!

Slightly after the participation deadline, though...


Here is my entry:


The Fibonacci numbers and the golden number (which is the rate of growth of the Fibonacci numbers) are a constant in the natural world. The photos that I publish in the post, show details of a spiral of a plant, which approximates the golden spiral.

These images are my entry to the photo contest Travel Contest #142 organized by @travelcontest, its theme is Fibonacci.

This is a wonderful capture, bravo! Welcome!
Could you please add the text to the comment as per the requirements, cheers!


I added the text as you mentioned.
Thank you.

Awesome, thank you and good luck! :)


Thank you!

You're very welcome! :)

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks so much for supporting Travel Contest!

Thank you so much @travelcontest

You're very welcome, @isabelpena :)
Have a great day, looking forward for your next entry!

Oooops, here are some tokens of appreciation too ;)


Wow, thank you very much for the honor, dear @travelcontest 😊🙏

You're very welcome :)

Next entry? :)


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