Creating Heartfelt Workshops with GPT and Midjourney: My Artful Journey ( + FREE IMAGES FOR YOU TO. USE FOR ANY PURPOSE) <3

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Hey hey.. im keeping these images safe here.. but also,, joy the world, you can have them, use them, sell them, whatever you like as its copyright free now.

I an generating many images for a workshop i am about to lead. Its called the Celestial Tune-Up: Awakening to the Resonance of the Cosmos and is going to be quite the workshop by the looks of it.

Ive been using a master midjourney prompt to teach GPT the rules and way to best prompt midjourney 5.1. These master prompts see to work magic, and i am truly humbled by the images that it is creating..

Also, im generating the most incredible scripts and activities, ones that contain so much incredible esoteric knowledge, delivered in a way i could never have done by myself. GPT has allowed me to take my vision for this workshop and make the whole workshop including marketing better than i could do in weeks of work!

IF you want to read the script that will be the workshop i link it at the end of this post. If you read it, you will understand why I am humbled buy AI, and what AMAZING things we can do with it if we so choose. I chose to embrace GPT and its changing my life and opening up doors and paths that never before could i have opened! Maybe worth mentioning i had this workshop more or less written within an hour or two of conception :)

With all that said, here are some of the most beautiful images ive ever seen. One of them made me cry, which has never happened before







In this workshop, we're forging a luminous bridge between the realms of ancient wisdom and modern technology, crafting a symphony of sound that resonates to the very core of our being.

Harnessing the vibrational power of Arnold Keyserling's Primasounds, we invite our chakras to resonate in harmony with these specially designed tones. Complementing this, the deep, grounding sub frequencies to form a great sonic landscape. This fusion of sound goes beyond the auditory, it becomes an energetic journey – a symphony not only for our ears, but a vibrational banquet for our entire energetic body."

As the sacred resonance of the tones permeates the space, you will be guided to trace the intricate patterns of the Flower of Life, a powerful symbol of universal interconnection. This meditative act of creation harmonizes beautifully with a transformative invocation – a profound tapestry interwoven with potent insights from the Eye of Horus and the awe-inspiring promise of the New Golden Age. This amalgamation of mindful artistry, sound, and speech isn't a mere combination; it's a transcendental alchemy. Every word, pulsating with the wisdom of the ancients and the vision of a futuristic dawn, dances in synergy with the tones. Together, they craft a vibrational echo that permeates the cosmos, inviting you into a profound exploration of your inner universe.

Together, they create a multi-dimensional healing experience, a vibrational massage that aligns and opens our chakras. This powerful combination works to harmonize our energies, to create a balance within ourselves and a profound connection to the cosmic universe. We're not just listening; we are feeling, we are becoming. We are resonating in harmony with the universe, and in this harmony, we find our pathway to healing and ascension. In this unique fusion of sound, speech, and intention, we truly find a key to unlocking the doorways to heaven within us.

Set the stage with a brief introduction about the purpose of the session and what they'll be doing. Talk about the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life, the Eye of Horus, and the cosmic significance of these symbols.

Guided Visualization:
Lead a visualization that encourages the participants to imagine their connection to the cosmos, the Earth, and to each other. Set the intention for the activity.

Introducing the Artwork:
Begin the drawing activity. As they draw, speak about the symbolism and geometry of the Flower of Life and Tree of Life, encouraging them to imbue their drawings with personal significance and intention.

Eye of Horus Symbolism:
As they continue their drawings, start to weave in the symbolism of the Eye of Horus, relating it back to the Flower of Life and Tree of Life.

Deepening the Connection:
Encourage a deeper connection to the cosmos, linking the drawing activity and the Eye of Horus symbolism to cosmic consciousness and the interconnectedness of all life.

Meditative Pause:
Have a few moments of silence in the middle, allowing participants to sink into their inner worlds and process the information.

Sharing and Reflection:
Towards the end, invite them to reflect on their experiences and share (if they feel comfortable doing so). Validate all experiences and insights.

Conclude the session with a closing statement, thanking participants for their openness and commitment to the process, and encouraging them to carry the insights and connections they made into their everyday lives.

Follow This Link To Read The Entire Script.

Some more beautiful images :)






AND FINALLY! Last but most certainly not least, this is what AI and I came up with to demonstrate UNION <3, just incredible <3



Good job friend

How about creating a virtual experience for us ? I would love to hear the audios at the minimum.

well! great question! i could share the playlist.,,. but.. it really needs a subphonic very good sound systme with sub base played very loud to fully appreciate.,,.

Here it is though!< there are some extra tracks in there, and other bits.. but the first 12 or so tracks are spot on!

it really needs a subphonic very good sound systme with sub base played very loud to fully appreciate.

I got a Sony WH-CH720N yesterday :) Hope that would work, have to add spotify.

Oh my God, these are such powerful visuals. I may use them some time.
Btw did you not think of adding some Crystal magic in it ❤️
For e.g. when I see this Mandala, instantly my mind connects it with Watermelon Tourmaline, it's the one to soothe the heart emotions
And for this one a Citrine- Igniting the fire within

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I wish I saw this post at the time you published it, I'm late but I'm so happy to see some activity on your end. Especially finding these beautiful images you created. I may come back to use them in the future, I absolutely love them!

I hope if you have some time, we can connect again. I'm curious what you're working on!

Take care..