Privacy is Normal, Safe and Essential - Perspective's from Josh Swihart on the ECC Blog

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An Excerpt from Josh Swihart's article on the ECC website.

If you use a non-private cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) you are standing in the public square, financially naked, for all to see, for all time. That should give you pause, but allow me to provide additional context.


I understand many in law enforcement and regulators want to have visibility into all transactions. But here’s a simple and important truth they overlook:

If regulators can see it,
so can hackers and thieves,
so can foreign intelligence agencies,
and these actors can associate users’ financial history with the rest of their social data,
and they can use it to exploit them or to influence their vote.

And so this is also a national security issue.


The internet altered the course of human history. But that was not possible until we had, and even mandated, encryption. It will be the same for cryptocurrencies.

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