Nigerian currency with a good image.

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Hello friends. Do make your selves comfortable as we come to another weekly Featured Content. Nigeria is the gaint of Africa and needs to have someone's face on our currency that will represent us well. This is a matter of the image that will be seeing by others as to what kind of people we are. We only need a good image to stand for us and send a good signal out there. The country has been through alot and needs to be salvaged by a good image that is well respected by the whole world. This is not about the richest or the most influential.


The topic is indeed a great and and also very tasking one to be honest. I made my entry late because I can't even imagine myself selecting one particular person's face to be in the naira Note in Nigeria.

But I will still have to try somewhere to do it because I can't change the topic.
Week 89:- Edition 03:- Face Of The Currency*

*If you could decide whose face will grace the currency of your country, who will you pick?

Well, like I said I have so many people that I will suggest that we have their faces in our currency. You know that in Nigeria, we have one hundred naira with a face on it. Two hundred naira with a face on it. Five hundred naira also with face on it. Same also with the one thousand naira that also carry the face of another person. I don't really know which one to talk about. Well for the sake of this prompt I will love to pick just one thousand naira and discuss on that.

I will love our one thousand naira to have the face of Mr. Peter Obi. Yes I mean what I said. This individual is the one that has proven to be a great man amongs all the politicians of today. He knows what the country needs. He knows how to fix the problem of this country. If you listen to him you will definitely fall in love with him. I will prefer to have him on the one thousand naira Note than to have another person.

Why this particular person?

Because he has proven worthy beyond any reasonable doubt that he deserve to have his face there. He is a man of integrity. He loves our country and is ready to make all the sacrifices that it will take to make it better if given the opportunity.

When Mr. Peter Obi was the governor of Anambra state, he changed the story of that state. People can testify that he brought positive change to the state and even students felt his impact on them. He needs to be given that special honor of having his face on our one thousand naira Note. Yes, someone can say that he did not win the presidential election. So, why choose his face for one thousand naira Note? I know of that and believe strongly that he will get there one day and make us proud.

 3 months ago  

He was a man that proves that we have more than two political parties in the country, though he did not win the election but his name will forever be on the mind of the people. He deserves the honour.

Thanks 👍. Happy weekend dear

 3 months ago  

Yea, Peter is also an outstanding individual and if I should make my wish right now, I will rather prefer that he climb the presidential throne today's even more important to me than the face of the currency., Hahaha.. tinubu has been a mess...if wishes were horses indeed

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Hahaha 😂. I no dey ohh! I travel since twenty years ago when you dey call your president name.
Thanks for hopping in

 3 months ago  

Every nation deserves such politicians who focuses on improvement for their nation and who focus on their people not on the wealth making strategies and paying just lip service. Featuring Mr.Peter Obi ,as he is a politicians who has changed the state with his innovative ideas and people are feeling and seeing his projects, will be nice idea.

That is correct. He needs our prayers to get to the throne.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

 3 months ago  

Peter obi is also a good person a promising candidate and I also appreciate the fact that you have acknowledged him here

Thanks alot

Peter Obi is a good person, I hope he has the chance again

We pray so 🙏. God 🙏 bless you

Yay! 🤗
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