One Success Secret, Although Love is the Weakness But Bussiness Should be our Strength

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Hello Hive Learners Community! Welcome to my blog. In the whole Continent, Asians are probably most emotional than people from other parts of planet. The emotions and Feelings always distracted us from taking right decision in any aspect of life either it is Bussiness or Public dealing. Hence, it is essential that when we are taking decisions or making dealing in Bussiness with our family, friends or lovers, these things should be independent from all sorts of feelings and emotions. Great and successful people like to use their brain instead of heart that is Planted with emotions.

Bussiness and Emotions are Opponents

Bussiness and Emotions can't be on the same track. If we are dealing with people especially with our relatives, we must have emotions free mind. Previous Year in the month of April, my uncle called my father to seek help in inauguration of simple Bussiness named Bussiness of Factory Outlets. My father didn't like to deny anyone who knocked our door for help. He not only helped my uncle with money but also offered him partnership in this Bussiness if he would be willing. My uncle accepted it immediately and was happy because he had not to arrange a shop for this Bussiness. He was aware that we had our shops in DHA, Lahore. In Lahore, there are sky kissing rents for shops especially if you want to open a shop in DHA or Old Lahore especially Anarkali. Anyway, my father granted him permission on Affidavit to start factory outlets Bussiness in our shop.



We both agreed to be partner of each other in this business. My uncle would not pay any rent to us because he would provide 50% Profit to us and we would invest our money in this business. All the shopkeeper and shop management responsibilities would be on the shoulders of my uncle. These Bussiness terms were main pillars for our unity in this Bussiness and we both parties agreed and signed the Affidavit.



The start of the Bussiness was good. We both were happy. I always visited my Uncle Shops and bought some brands factory outlets there because they were cheap as compared to the outlets presented in the personal shops of these brands. Everytime when I bought anything there I paid my all bills. Although we had share but we both had to pay the bills for taking anything was our Bussiness agreement. Anyhow, six months passed. Our 50% Profit Share changed to 30% and 30% changed to Null. He started making lame excuses for not providing our share. He sometimes put lame excuse to us that there were no profit because he had sold the outlets on the same buying price from factory. Sometimes, he put lame excuse that his son was very sick and he had spent all the money on his medication. Everytime when I informed to my father about it my father responded,

"Aslam! My younger brother is your uncle. Might be, he is not getting any profit now hence we should not disturb him. When he will get a reasonable profit, he surely will share our 50% profit"

After listening these words, the sympathy feelings for my uncle started rising. One month later, I reminded my father,

"Papa! You are providing money blindly to your brother but he neither accept it in front of me nor he has any intentions to pay back to us"

My father who has a veil of love on his eyes for his brother, first scolded me on the call and later grudged,

"Aslam! Did you not have any other thing to discuss with me except mentioning the demerits of my brother in Bussiness? I often time assured you that my brother is honest man. Things will be better when his Bussiness will get sustainability"

After getting punishment from my father and recognizing the true face of my uncle, I was totally depressed and frustrated. My uncle was playing with my father and he was still busy in scolding me instead of making any investigation. Time passed and a time came when the bad face of my uncle exposed in front of my father. My uncle was selling our shop and all the goods in it to a person. Luckily the person to whom my uncle was selling our shop was my father's friend. He called to my father immediately to know the reason for selling this shop. My father was panicked to hear it. He stopped his friend for buying this shop. He also ordered my uncle to empty our shop as soon as possible. One day, he called me and shared the current incident with me. I said to my father during our call,

"Baba, I already informed you that your brother is playing with you. But you scolded me instead of showing your trust. Now, God has saved us from big loss so there is no need to worry. Either it is our relative or close friend we should keep all relationship aside and should make any deal without feelings and emotions."

After getting sadness from attitude of his brother, he accepted his mistake. In this way, the veil of brother's love and trust on the eyes of my father removed.




Any Bussiness runs smoothly between two parties on the name of trust and sincerity. Blind trust is toxic. Moreover, there is no space for the feelings and emotions in the smooth running of a Bussiness. We should fulfill all terms and conditions, we have fix in the beginning of a business. Either there are our relatives or there are our friends, there should be monthly audit. If anyone is showing dishonesty in the Bussiness then he should be fined and removed from the deal. Don't trust blindly anyone in Bussiness either he is your brother or he is your lover.

This post is my entry for HL Weekly Featured Content Bussiness And Love. I hope, you have enjoyed my real story. Thanks!


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 2 months ago  

Business and emotions can not work in handy. No matter what's one needs to go.

 2 months ago  

Exactly man, Bussiness and Emotions can't help us together. We should make deals without any emotions. Thank you for visiting my post.
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A sad story of your father's business but a good lesson for every reader in it.
Yes, emotions and feelings should not be involved in business.
The big mistake that we make while doing business is trusting blindly to our partner.
In my opinion, a Partnership in a business never works for us.

 2 months ago (edited) 

I love your conclusion, "any business runs smoothly on basis of trust and sincerity...
Even though you started the business with your son or wife. There are many businesses that are established and controlled by family members, relatives And friends.
What matter most is the trust and sincerity.

 2 months ago  

It's right business and emotions can't work together. You are right in that your conclusion "Business runs smoothly between two parties in the name of trust and sincerity" and also another mistake we made while doing business is trusting our partners blindly.