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Hello Hive community ♥️. Its my first day at hive and i hope i will enjoy and learn more through this platform and aimed to broaden my experience of using social media.

My name is Awais Bin Aziz i am from Sheikhupura , Pakistan.
Currently i am doing "D pharm" from lahore college of pharmaceutical sciences. Its my 4th year now. As the college is far from my college so i live in hostel near my college.
Now a days im struggling to find a part time job to bear my educational and hostel expenses.
Last week i went for interview and now waiting for their call.
So it was my short introduction to Hive community.


In my family we are three brothers and my mom and dad. We all live together.
We all are studying right now. My mom is a housewife.

Regarding my friends intro i have many friends but now a days i am living far away from my house so i did not meet them for almost 2-3 months. Also they are busy in their own study and work.

We have group of 7 persons in college who are together since 3 years.


At the end i will thanks @faisalamin for guiding me and help me to explore Hive community and i hope in future will achieve more at Hive with faisal bhai😍😍😍😍.
Waiting for the good response from the Hive community. Hope for the best.
Thanks in advance to everyone.
Stay blessed (Ameen).


Welcome awais253545!
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Thanks you ecency ♥️

nice to see you !

Thanks you dear can i ask a question?

Can u guide me about hive more so i can work more efficiently like how to work amd how to capture more votes etc.
And by the way to which country do u belong ?


Hello @awais253545. This is @gentleshaid from the @ocd team. Congratulation on onboarding to Hive and making your introductory post. In case you run into bumps and need clarifications, feel free to hop into OCD Discord Server where you will get to meet and interact with thousands of other Hive enthusiasts, some of which are veterans and will be able to guide you accordingly.

Welcome and hope you'll enjoy it on here.

Thank u so much sir

Welcome to Hive Community!

Thank u kellyane .
I want a favour from u ?

@awais253545! PIZZA Crew welcomes you to Hive! Your voice has value here.

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Thanks you sir ♥️

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You are welcome @awais253545! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Thanks you sir

Welcome, sir.