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Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce a new initiative that will be hosted by X (Formerly Twitter) through the Hive Learners Account called:

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The Connect, Learn, and Earn initiative is a weekly programme that would run on X Space that allows community members to share their posts for review, giving them the opportunity to discuss their posts and also have their posts reviewed.

This review gives people who are new to Hive a chance to learn how best to write their posts, learn from other individuals, promote themselves, and build visibility when they interact with other people during the session.


The initiative would be held every Wednesday at 3 PM GMT+1. Then a forum would be open on the HL Discord server to share your post link titled Connect, Learn, and Earn. You only need to do the following:

  1. Share your post link to the forum. You can only share a single post.
  2. Provide links of posts that are no more than 18 hours old by the time we go live on Twitter Space (Every Wednesday, 3 PM GMT+1)
  3. It is important to engage with other posts by authors shared in the forum.
  4. Sharing your post link means you will be present during the space to discuss the post you shared.

The initiative would begin next week November 8th, 2023


3 random posts would be selected for curation via lazy-panda if you join and interact on our live space, and 3 random participants would receive 1 Hive each.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this initiative within and outside the community. You do not have to be a verified HL member.

We invite you to follow our X account to get updated on this initiative and every other initiative we hold.

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HL community is more than amazing, always great ideas to make the community lively and rewarding. This is nice and 8 November is just around the corner to begin this new initiative. I wish that more members will get involved. @george-dee , @princessbusayo and @hopestylist , have you heard of this great initiative by hive learners community? Do not miss out on this please πŸ€—

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thank you so much for drawing my attention here, I don't know who to tag but I hope Eric responds πŸ˜ƒ.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

You could have tagged me sis 😭😭😭

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

I should have but I don't even know your username by heart πŸ˜‚

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Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Nice initiative. Looking forward to it

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

This is going to be a whole new approach for the community to achieve her goals. Having a space on X open to everyone is cool and I'm definitely sure this will also be good for the hive community as a whole and I think @anomadsoul might be interested in this.

I look forward to being a part of this.@nkemakonam86 thank you for bringing me here. I hope more person's get involve in it.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

This is an awesome idea. Thank you so much for this, it's so innovative.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

This is an amazing initiative. An amazing way to learn and earn, can't wait for it to fully kick-off!
@ginika, @literal, @sleemfit come and check this out

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Hmmm definitely will attend

This is really a very nice idea. I always wish you the best and have a beautiful healthy day. But it is an important new innovation to achieve the goal and will give us many wonderful gifts and opportunities to gain experience. I am sure this platform will be great for all Hive users.