Learning from My Mistake: A Story of Apology and Growth in the Workplace

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In many ways, we all are the same, but sure we are different in many ways too. Not all of us do love anime as I do. I do have to listen to comments from other you still watch cartoons. Who is gonna tell them both are different? Anyway, forget about all this stuff. Not all of us do realize our mistakes, those who did realize they are a little bit different from others I think.

I am an introverted kind of person and sure took me some time to make friends neither my personality is that much attractive so others did get attracted to that. Just a normal guy with a normal life. If I am walking in a market or anywhere if someone accidentally hit me even if it was not my mistake I would say sorry. I don't want to argue and get others angry I do try my best to handle the situation without any collision/ fight either verbally or physically. Sometimes moving silently did make things better, we do make the conversation worse just by speaking.


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So, let me tell you a small story that did happen a few months back or you can say last year. It was last summer and we were at the peak of our work, the workload was very much that time. everyone seems to be very tense. I still do remember how bad everyone was feeling at that time. many of us have to work on the weekends too. can you imagine the level of pressure we all were dealing that time, not for a week it was supposed to be for months? I am really grateful to all my lovely office staff who are that much support to help each other. I have never worked in a big company before but many of my friends do work in high ferms outside my city in big cities sure they do get a good amount of money there but no one seems to be happy. Everyone is waiting for the weekend to get rid of their frustrations.

I think the work environment in private companies is the same everywhere, with a lot of pressure So, back to the story...
Everyone seems to be stressed and many of us were planning to quit our job (sure some of us were not able to bear the pressure of that). The thing is we are not even paid for that extra work we were doing on the weekend yes nothing for the overtime at all. that did feel bad too. They trust the company's owner only wants the work done before the due date and we are supposed to finish to complete it before that. There is a very rare chance that you will see the kind of owners who really care about their employees most of them do think employees are like a money-making machine for them.

I was the team leader of that project and you know what that was my first time handling that huge of a project. I was used to the project that did long last only a day mostly a week. But this project was huge by huge I mean really huge. Sure I do have around a time of 6 months to finish the project. But I was really afraid due to the size of the project. At that time I was trying to ignore that project but when I do see look back that did make a different image of me in my boss, manager, and other staff's eyes too (that is what I think ). Maybe I am wrong or maybe not.

The huge project did make me lazy in many terms (mostly in my speed to finish a project). Days were passing by one day my manager did visit my desk and the exact words were:

My manager: Bhatt ji wo Jim wala project koon kra hai (hey bhatt ji who is doing Jim's project ? )
me; mere ko kya pata (how should I know)

after that my manager left the room, later I felt really bad about my reply to my manager. I used to silent type of person but that day I was a bit frustrated due to the project I was leading. I did feel really bad about that when I share that with my other staff, some of them seemed to be happy. A few hours later I visited the manager's cabin and I said sorry to him. I did tell him I am sorry sir, I am at my best today. I hope you do understand that. The good thing was he did understand me and I did feel a little bit better after that. The conversation was moving on my mind all the time, and after saying just a sorry it did feel really great. what about you, what is your story?

see you in the next post till then, Keep learning and keep exploring...

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wish me luck 😅

Thanks a lot for staying till the end 😃🙏, let me know what you think.

Never forget one thing you should be grateful for because what you have someone has a dream of that. So learn to be grateful. Be Thankful.🙏😀

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think.



Thanks & Regards

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Thanks for sharing your story... by the way, how did that project ended? Did it all work out well?

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thank you sir for stopping by, means a lot to me.
yes, the p[rojct was completed before the end due date. Now I am kind of used to handing that type os project that were my first one so I was very nervous. I am really grateful to all my staff who helped me a lot during that project and sacrificed there weekends for my project.

!giphy thank you


I have to work day and night, all week without stopping, for a month to complete an order.
At the end of the month, I was very happy for the money we charged for all the work. And that night, at the end of the month, on my way home, fatigue got the best of me and I fell asleep at the wheel while driving.
I crashed into a public transport bus, it was a head-on collision, I destroyed the car, luckily there were no victims.

All that effort and all that pressure led to a bad consequence, it didn't matter how much money they paid.

Now I try to work calmly and avoid pressure and overwork.

 last year  

I can feel your pain sir, thanks a lot for stopping by means a lot to me.

I crashed into a public transport bus, it was a head-on collision, I destroyed the car, luckily there were no victims.

oh, that is bad, lucky you that no one got hurt during that. I don't have to drive a car my workplace is within 5 minutes of walking distance but there is always mental pressure at that time.

All that effort and all that pressure led to a bad consequence, it didn't matter how much money they paid.
Now I try to work calmly and avoid pressure and overwork.

totally agree with you on that as long as you have mental peace that is ok I guess, if you are a greedy person then there is no limit to that for sure.
thanks a lot for stopping by have a great day and week ahead sir. keep sharing your stories.

!giphy thanks a lot


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 147 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Working without a rest makes us nervous. I know because my old working place was the same. Hard work but no thanks and rest

 last year  

you are right mam, even if we did get physical rest bu the metal stress if at a different level. corporate jobs are a headache for sure. 😅

thanks for stopping by mam means a lot to me.

!giphy I can feel you


We all have the right to make mistakes and the duty to apologise when we realise it. Others often understand this because they make mistakes too.

 last year  

yes, you are right mam, thanks for stopping by. Yes, deep down we all are the same.

!giphy thanks



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It is great that you apologize when you think that you have make a mistake and your manager also understand the situation. Taking care on time can save you from a big mistake۔

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yes, that is true, I am really grateful to home that he did understand me that day. If he did get angry at me for that then sure that can be a problem for me in many terms. thanks for stopping by

!giphy thanks


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Not all of us do love anime as I do.

I also love anime very much. In fact I watch anime more than watching dramas and movies.

I think we also should apologize if we made in mistake and we should not take too much time to say sorry for that reason.
You are indeed a good person.

 last year  

Yeah, as you said at the beggining, it depends of the person
If you feel bad after doing some mistake, than saying sorry to that person gives you peace...

And some people just use that word "sorry" to move on...

And if you ask me about that, I will answer you the same, you answered to your Manager
Mere ko kya pata?? HOO HOO HAHA

SO what about the project and your weekends...

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!giphy thank you so much

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It is fantastic how apologies are able to lift the burden off our shoulders.
It must have felt so tiring working on a huge project and being the leader in that situation. Every one looks up to you to have a plan, and sometimes you are just as lost as they are, but you can't show them that.

At least you apologized to your boss, which is great and he even understood why you reacted that way.
Nice writeup

All is well that ends well ...what mattered the most is whether the project went good...hope you succeed the project

 last year  

Definitely, we all have moments where frustration or the problems we carry win us over, the fact that you apologized to your boss speaks highly of you, greetings!