Don't Compromise Your Health!!!

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When it comes to our health, it’s not something that we can ever really have a roundabout knowledge of simply because we learn more about our bodies every day. And the older we get, the more we discover about ourselves. We notice patterns and routines and know the kind of things that will happen when we do certain things.

People just don’t wake up and decide to be allergic to things. They probably took it at one time and realized that it didn’t agree with their bodies. In such a manner, a lot of the things we do when it comes to our health are usually trial by error. By this, I’m not talking about the doctors and hospitals, I’m just talking about our day-to-day living and its impacts on our health.


Every day we drink and eat things that could have a major impact on our health, and we take part in activities that could make us fall sick. After all, it wasn’t long ago when I shared the story of how the excess heat caused me to sleep bare-chested almost directly under a fan for an entire night, and it made me sick.

From time to time, we make dumb decisions and as we learn from our mistakes and move on with life, we realize that we know more now than we did before. And that’s what sets us apart from other species on Earth.


For me, when it comes to health tips, I have just one that I learned from my Mom. She always told me that when it came to my health, I was never to compromise. No matter what. At all times, I was to get the best health care I could afford and I had to be really careful not to use my own money to buy that which would either kill me or make me sick.

This might look like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how selfish some people can be when it comes to their own health. When buying drugs, they’ll want to spend as little as possible even though they can afford way more than that. And then, not just with drugs, but even with food as well. Sometimes, I wonder if certain people will happily eat poison just because it’s cheaper than food.


The thing is, if the money isn’t available, then it’s understandable. But it can’t ever be understandable when you have the money but refuse to spend it on your own well-being. Gadgets would get spoilt in the house and they would refuse to fix it, even though it’s dangerous to continue using it. Just like one of my neighbors in my former lodge where I used to stay during my ND. They had one gas cylinder that was defective and when they used it to cook, they always had to stand guard and watch it because once the burner became too hot, the gas would begin to leak out and the flames would start acting crazy.

It was crazy indeed and really dangerous, but they kept on managing, even knowing how risky it was. One explosion could kill or permanently maim whoever was cooking at the time, but none of all that mattered to them. As long as they could keep “managing” it, then they were perfectly fine.


I know that things are expensive right now, but that doesn’t mean that one should put their lives in danger as a result. When better days do come, only the living and the healthy shall enjoy it. If you don’t take care of your health now, you might not get to see those better days, or you just might see them through the stained glass window of a hospital room.

Never compromise on your health. If you can afford it, go on regular checkups, and try to be as clean as possible. The little things you have to do or not do to keep you in top shape, please do them all. It’s for your own good. Because whether you like it or not, that money you’re not willing to spend right now, you might be forced to spend it later on when your body breaks down.


We need this. We need to take a more active interest in our bodies. Just because we wake up every day doesn’t mean everything is fine and dandy. The little we have to do to stay healthy must be done. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. You can do everything and still end up sick. But then, you’ll know for a fact that it was not because of your choices.

We need to do better.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

This post is inspired by the second topic of this week which is One Health Tip. Feel free to try it out.

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 2 months ago  

go on regular checkups, and try to be as clean as possible.

There is a little catch in here. Health check up are now one of the major money making syndicates operating in the name of health. They are offering free services and at at the end comes up with some kind of diagnosis. One of my friends dies after one year after went to a free health check up...

It is alwsys better to avoid any kind of risk and take your own way towards a healthier tomorrow.

Wow... this is serious.
I know that many medical practitioners are unscrupulous and it's sad that so many people will be willing to put the health of people who trust in them in jeopardy.

 2 months ago  

Trust me....fre health check up is a money making business....just people forget that nothing is here.

Health is wealth. We should always take our health seriously. Whatever we are pursuing, we can only enjoy it when we have good health. One thing I know is that ignorance can be harmful; we should be careful about everything we eat or drink because ignoring them can lead to terminal illness. We should try as much as possible to reduce stress. Healthy living is what's best.

Healthy living is best ooo... because when we live healthy there is so much that we would be saved from.

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Thank you for this.

 2 months ago  

This is something I am not good at, first, it was because I didn't have enough resources so I didn't even bother knowing where a hospital was. Now I have little resources available, I'm already used to not knowing where the hospital is or how to go about the entire procedure

Hehe... I can relate to this. But you'll have to learn to force yourself, or you'll keep giving yourself the same excuses.

 2 months ago  

Yeah right

 2 months ago  

Ha! Managing a leaking gas cylinder, so people can actually take that kind of risk with their lives, that's very bad, I would report them right away because not just their lives, but their neighbors as well face the risk of explosion..

True, spending on good food is not wasting of money, especially in this economy where things are expensive, people are starting to take the route of unhealthy lifestyles and feeding patterns, may God help us.

People take so many risks all in the name of saving money, and the consequences should things go sideways are always unavoidably dire.

 2 months ago  

If there is one thing I have learned, it is never to compromise our health. Most people keep a nonchalant attitude and do not care when it comes to their bodies and would keep managing when they could afford it , and when things go bad, the money and resources they don't want to use would be what they would fall back on, but at that time, it might be too late. This is why we need to do the necessary things when we can and not ignoring thinking nothing can happen. What if the worse happen?

Exactly... we should always work towards avoiding the worst case scenario, no matter what!

 2 months ago  

Some people are truly selfish to the point that they can’t buy drugs for themselves and I always wonder why
If they die, another person will be the one to spend the money they are keeping

As in ehn... that's the height of it for me.
Why would you be so selfish you won't even take care of yourself? Human beings dey ooo!

 2 months ago  

Indeed we should not compromise about our health because if we become sick then, everything will be meaningless. I think we realise it for become sick. Fortunately, in my case I rarely become sick. Maybe I am lucky one in this case.

Wow... that's good for you. But still, endeavor to go for regular checkups. That's very important so you don't get any surprises.

In most cases, people are not selfish but ignorance of the damage they are causing on their health.

Down to taking drugs. I remember how I'll always throw my pills away. Not because I don't want to get well. But I just hated them.

But now I understand better that it's not about how you feel about a thing but doing what is right. I was actually ignorance not selfish

Omo... me the fear of being sick made me take everything ooo. Even to the very last dosage. I hate being sick with passion, so I will do everything within my power to stay healthy.