My Friends Are Bae!!

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Friends… this is one aspect I’ve never really been lacking in. Right from time, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place or situation where I lacked friends. Even as a child, I had people around me. At a time, my parents and elder ones began cautioning me because of the chains of friends I was keeping. I always seemed to know people in every street in my area.

One thing that brings a lot of people together, especially guys, is football. However, I don’t play football, I can’t even play it to save my own life. But I have loads of friends who enjoy the sport and I have no problem going with them to the field to watch them play. Even today, if I’m less busy and my friends want to go and play ball, I’ll follow them. I’ll simply be on the sidelines and either laughing at their mistakes or acting as their coach. After all, what are friends for?


From childhood, I’ve always had lots of friends, but as I grew older, the number dwindled. And now, I think I can count all my friends on my hands. At most. The thing is, some people are not friends, they’re simply acquaintances. They’re simply people we meet on a daily basis because we have something in common. However, once that common factor is removed, it’ll be a different story.

So, I can say I have a lot of acquaintances but I have few friends. Even in my school right now, the only friends I have are those that started with me back in ND1 and the friendship has proven to last the years. The others who I thought were my friends turned out to be nothing but friendly coursemates because when we lost touch during the compulsory one-year IT, that was it for many of us.


So, how do I make friends? Honestly, I have no idea. Most of my friendships just happen. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone and thought to myself, “I want to be that person’s friend.” I guess it just happens. From one random conversation to another and another and before we know it, we’re spending time together and spilling secrets.

However, I have thought to myself from time to time “I don’t want that person as a friend.” There are people I’ve met and my spirit would just not be at peace with them, even though they’ve done nothing wrong to me.


So, you see friendships just happen for me. I’m friendly like that and I let every relationship grow at its own pace, I don’t force anything. If it’s not working out, I’ll let it die a natural death, but if it has promise, I’ll keep putting in effort.

For me, one can say that I’m friendly. While I’m an introvert and I barely come out, it’s impossible for me to live in an area where people won’t know me. It’s always easy for me to strike up a conversation with anyone, even a total stranger. It’s usually these conversations that decide for me if you’re someone I want to be seeing on a regular basis.


And for my preference, I prefer having few friends. Things are just easier that way. Due to my nature, I’m the kind of person that
can easily get tired of people. Especially when I’m at home. When a visitor begins to stay too long for my liking, I suddenly get uncomfortable and all I can think of is having them leave so I can do nothing at all.

The only people I don’t feel these for are my friends and family. I guess this is because they know me through and through. My friends can come over for hours and treat my home like theirs, we can even spend the entire day together without saying a single word because each is busy in his head. That’s how I can be. But others won’t understand it. When people come, you have to pay attention to them and engage them in conversation. I won’t always be up for that. So, I guess that’s why I get easily uncomfortable because once they leave, I can happily get lost in my head once again.

I know that I’m still going to make more friends in the future, and I’m still going to meet more people who will touch my life in one way or the other. And I’m looking forward to all that. It’s also my hope that the friendships I’ve got going right now, continue to stand the test of time. We’ve been through so much together, by the time things get soft, let’s enjoy it together as well.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago  

A lot can happen over a glass of whiskey 😜 i have seen here really people a strong bond who were in drinking habit. The common thing that makes them so close are the glass of whiskey. It simply works for them.

Hehe... anything at all can bring people together!
That's a fact!

 2 months ago  

And whiskey is people choice all the time.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and we all make friends at one point in life. Like you said, friendship just happens, but as you grow older, you'll see that you don’t have as many friends as before. That's how adulthood is; we're more focused on our lives and future.

I've always been the type who loves making friends, but I never had lots of friends. Later, I learned to be by myself and not feel hurt about not having many friends. Now, it doesn’t even bother me at all

When we're children, friends seem to be the major goal. But as we grow older, we realize we want only a few of them. So we can focus more on our lives.

It's just life.

 2 months ago  

In the case of friendship, we should not force ourselves to create it. I think in that case that won't last in the long term. I also love to leave it like natural death. Moreover, we need to be careful also because there are many fake friends around us.

Yeah... so many fake friends. We must always be careful!

 2 months ago  

You must be a very free person for you to be able to walk up to people and maybe tell them how you feel
I like that and I think I love the way you live your life

I have no qualms walking up to people and striking up a conversation with them. However, the moment the person starts giving me attitudes or making it seem like I'm disturbing them, I'll back off at once.