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My journey as an armature photographer is one that many of you will be familiar with by now, if you’ve followed my blogs you’ll see how from wanting to use original pictures in my blog posts, I developed a passion for taking pictures. And since it became a thing for me, I’ve taken loads of pictures and I’ve been using them on my blogs for close to a year now.

Somewhere along the line, it became a hobby for me because I realized that I suddenly started enjoying taking these pictures. Anywhere at all that I found myself, I tried to take at least one picture. Although I haven’t taken some in a while, this is because I haven’t been going out in a while and I was done taking pictures in my school.


However, for this particular topic, I realized I still had to take pictures, even if it was just one. And the only place I could think of was in my school. The school wasn’t my first option though, there was a garden I would have loved to take pictures of, however, it rained two days ago and the garden is always a mess when it rains, so I didn’t even bother.

Eventually, I went to school yesterday for lectures, and between classes, I decided to take pictures. So far, there are still many parts of my school that I have yet to take pictures of, however, the sun was a bit harsh and I couldn’t begin to walk all that long distance. Besides, I knew that those places wouldn’t be camera-worthy because the last time I was around the place, it was overgrown with weeds. So, I picked the one place I had yet to take a picture of that was still manageable; the Federal Polytechnic Library.


Now, my target wasn’t the library itself, it’s actually the statue that was erected in front of it. But since both come as a package deal, I can’t talk about one without involving the other. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a statue of a girl reading a book but she’s also sitting on other books which manages to give her an elevated position.

In one glance, it’s easy to guess the message the sculptor was trying to convey and the power reading has on the mind. Books are important, and those who read will always be able to fetch from the eternal springs of knowledge. And that’s what the library stands for; the eternal springs of knowledge. When you’re in it, there will always be something to read and something new to learn. The girl in the statue is literally sitting on the knowledge and as she’s reading, she’s gaining more as well. It’s a sum total of what the library stands for.


Now, I don’t really have many memories of the library throughout my stay in school. The only time I went there was during my ND days and that was when we had a course that had to do with library studies (forgotten the course title). I did go there to read more than once but over time I just found out I preferred reading in the comfort of my room than in the library where you can’t even breathe too loud for fear of getting kicked out.

Another factor that made me not fancy the library was the fact that there were not a lot of novels. At the time, most of the novels I saw were not my kind of books, more like the kind of books that students in Arts and Mass Communication used. And none of them called to me. Eventually, I began to lose interest. I stayed on for a while because of the Wi-Fi, but even that was gone eventually. And in the end, I just simply forgot that there was even a library in the school.


I buy all my books and read them at home, thanks to the modern age, anything I can’t get in my books, I simply go online and look it up. That’s how easy things are for me now.

This doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of libraries, matter of fact I’m a huge fan. It’s just sad that we don’t have a lot of them here in my country. It’s a good place to link up with other fiction readers like me and create book clubs. That is one thing I would love to be a part of, a book club where we would just talk about books and books and books!!!


Either way, we move. I just might have to find them all online as usual.

So, this is the original picture I was able to take. I would have loved to go into the library and take pictures of the interior but I didn’t have my library card and as a result, I couldn’t get in. So, I just satisfied myself with the outside.

What do you think of my pictures?


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

This post is inspired by the third topic of this week which is An Original Picture. Feel free to try it out.

N.B: All images used in this post are mine. The thumbnail was designed using Canva.

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 2 months ago  

You have done so well in the interpretation of the statue and the connection it has with the importance of libraries as sources of knowledge.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, I enjoy reading your blog posts. One thing I love about photography is capturing the beauty of the world like the nature image you have in the post.

Hehe... thank you very much.
Photography is something I enjoy a lot, and it makes me happy.

 2 months ago  

That's good to hear. I love looking at beautiful pictures. They revive me.

 2 months ago  

Book is the source of knowledge. We should try to read book as much as we can to enrich our knowledge. The message of sculpture indeed very simple but powerful. Moreover anyone can easily understand the message.

Yeah... if a message isn't easily received, then there is a problem with the message itself.

I have never gone to the library instead I preferred to read books at my house but it is a good habit to visit the library even if you are not in college or school. Solid read.

Hehe... I've only been to libraries in my schools, but outside school, I haven't been to any.

 2 months ago  

how from wanting to use original pictures in my blog posts, I developed a passion for taking pictures

This is noteworthy, from laptop screen, to street to car I noted them and really find it always bring originality in your post....

Wow... thank you for this!
I'm glad you find them noteworthy.

 2 months ago  

Reading books is really good because we get so many informations from books but I don’t like to read, lol
Anyway, your pictures are cool and you can always do better

Indeed... I'll always try to do better!
Thank you.

 2 months ago  

There is a statue in front of my school library also, almost as old as the school itself. I believe this kind of sculpture is common in most state and federal Polytechnics. I visited my school library a couple of times but it was a lecturer that insisted that we go there to copy some text from a book he wrote in the library and I don't remember going back there till I graduated 😂

Omo... that lecturer has no chills oo. Just like a lecturer that forced us to do an assignment in his own cyber cafe. Not free ooo, we still paid full price😂
This is what we face...
Anyway, I understand why you didn't visit the library much.