There Are Ways To Fix This Heat!!!

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At this rate, with the number of posts I’ve made on this very issue of the massive heat wave that’s hitting my dear country, my blog should be burning hot by now. As a result, I won’t really be talking much about the heat and what it’s doing to me because I’ve made that pretty clear in my previous lamentations.

Because even as I am typing this, I’m already feeling uncomfortable thanks to the heat. It’s never been this hot before and truly it makes me kind of scared of what the rains will be like when they do come. Will it also be in excess this year? Are we going to face a serious case of flooding? Well, what can I say? I just have to live with it in the best way possible.


So, is this it’s time of the year? It is… and that’s the sad thing. Weather-wise, we’re in the dry season and this is usually characterized by the lack of rain and the abundance of heat. However, just as I said before, this kind of heat is one that has never before been seen. It’s rare for the entire country to face such amounts of heat all at the same time.

But then, I think we’re all the problems. Both the people and the government. We don’t have a culture of caring about the environment. Things like climate change and global warming sound like things we only hear of in movies this is because we’re not even in positions where we can act on them if we care.


On a daily basis, millions of Nigerians fuel their cars and generators, burning fumes that pump tonnes of carbon monoxide into the air. Almost every day, trees are being cut down to make way for people can build houses. Even flowers don’t get spared because the landlord wants to have as many rooms as possible to be able to charge as much as he can for the rent.

As if that’s not enough, people still do open burning of refuse, some homes still use firewood. This doesn’t just kill the trees, it also kills the ozone layers as well. And when trees go down, we don’t have the culture of replacing them. Instead, we plump down concrete buildings on the earth, stifling all growth.


But then, what can we do? You can’t tell people not to power their generators because we have an epileptic power supply. Even me that’s writing about this, I also have a generator that I run regularly. Without that, I won’t be able to come online and do anything for that matter because everything about my work is online! I hate the drone of generators, it distracts me when I try to concentrate on my work, but I don’t have a choice. Many of us who use generators don’t enjoy it, but we don’t have a choice. We’ve got to make money to eat, don’t we?

One way to fix this problem is for the government to take an active interest in the well-being of the environment. One way to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that Nigerians produce is to give them a reason not to power their generators. At this point, I know that a steady power supply is a pipe dream and may never happen. However, they can make renewable sources cheaper and more available to the common man.

IMG_20240206_1541102 (1).jpg

Solar energy is so expensive and so complex for the common man, and I’m certain if they wanted they could make it in a way that anyone at all could own it. There was a time in the country when generators were only used by the rich. Now, anyone at all can own a generator. If the same can be done to solar if with as little as #100,000 you can get a reliable solar energy source that will power your entire house, you’ll find that more and more people will purchase and as a result, the amount of fuel burnt on a daily basis will reduce. There are ways to make this happen, I’m sure of it.

And for the cars, the only way they can reduce the number of private cars on the road is by making public transport more attractive. If public transport can be faster, safer, and more comfortable, then people will prefer using it for their daily routine and use their cars for isolated events. We need more BRTs in all corners of the country, and for places where BRTs can’t operate, we need shuttle buses. They’re small and compact, but very comfortable if you don’t cram them with people. Next, we also need subways and trains. This won’t be interstate, maybe a single train that would run through the entire state so that you enter on one end and go all the way to another end.


You’d find that when people realize that they can rely on public transport more, and if it’s cheaper than having to always fuel your car, people will immediately switch. Matter of fact, this will be better for the government because, with more people using public transport, it’ll be a huge source of revenue for the economy.

The problems we face with regards to the weather are problems that can easily be fixed and we need to get to fixing or things will only get worse. Because if this gets any hotter, we just might find ourselves in a Dune-like universe.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago  

Lol this post is burning hotter than the others 😂

Well, we are our own problem no doubt. You've shared really good ways to fix this but I also know it won't be so easy. Happy heat season sir 🙃🏃‍♀️

It won't be easy at all, but over time it could get better.

 2 months ago  

Indeed, we keep hoping

 2 months ago  

Your title actually drew my attention because i want to know the remedy to this.

Oh yes, these highlight acts will work for sure but that's on a very long run

Yeah.... this is a long term thing.
No cap!

 2 months ago  

I am of the opinion most of this heat is not as a result of burnings, climate change itself is a normal and expected phenomenon. Let's not do as if we don't know. There are bigger factors governing these things beyond our generators and cars. That theory may need some revisiting in the nearest future tho.
But yes, we can only do what we can within our scope of knowledge and what we are influenced by. A guided action may never be achievable. All you suggested are too ideal to come to pass. Generators will keep being used, so will cars. Will batteries offer better?. Oh no, pollution too

All of it is as if there is nothing we can do able it. This is why we advice survival and preparations for things like this. Knowing the powers that be a greater than our.

Don't mind how I sound, but on the long run, I hope more people see it this way and do the needful they can to make things better for the common men with their power.

You have a point though...
I'm not saying that cars and generators will totally be taken out, I'm only saying that the rate at which people use them will reduce. You have to admit that if there's a more reliable power in the country, then the number of active generator users will be slashed than more than 90%. That alone will be a major win.

There are other factors, of course. But I was only touching on the things we would be able to do in our own capacity if the government were willing to put the right things in place.

Thank you.

 2 months ago  

Yes. I do agree with you, but what I don't see is how we all believe that has something to do with the heat.

Heat waves have happened in the past, bush burns, severe cold temperatures and many of that, we can't bring it all down to ozone depletion. It doesn't add up for me. These are just climatic phenomena happening beyond our effect and control. Survival and risk control are what we should work on. Flood will still happen, hurricanes.. They are natural caused as we call them. Why then do we thing all the cars and generator are bad for the weather. If only more could be known..
Great piece.

 2 months ago  

I mentioned the case of global warming and to be candid, nothing will happen about it. This issue didn't start today but the government aren't concerned because of the money they make from destroying nature and for this reason, we should expect more of the heatwave and excessive rainfall.

They don't care indeed... just pack their money and go!

 2 months ago  

The problem is not just from the government but from people as well, imagine someone burning waste in the area always the flame will pollute the air and make it hot, along with how government failed to provide adequate electricity because I am sure if our electricity is regular people wouldn't buy generator because people switched to things easily.

Exactly... the major cause of all this is simply bad governance.

 2 months ago  

Will Nigerians ever agree not to power their generators because of carbon monoxide?
You know how we can be in this country nah

Yeah... but if there can be a more affordable alternative, I'm sure that many people will dump their generators in a heartbeat.

 2 months ago  

Solar energybis a good option that people can adapt to. Here in India the government are making every steps to promote it with subsidies and rebate, but many people ignore it's importance....but in long running going to play an important role.

Wow... I wish we can have that. It would be great if our government can subsidize it for us as well.

 2 months ago  

May be I can start exporting few...there are many power generation company too starting their own solar plant...and making good fortune.

 2 months ago  

It's frustrating to be a Nigeria at this point in time. I wake up today to see a post made by one popular musician that visited Nigeriaand it got me thinking. He said what we called luxury here is what they call suffering. The heat is too much and their is no light which means people will burn more fuel. It's really frustrating

Just frustrating... with no obvious way forward, what else can we do but to endure and forge ahead?

 2 months ago  

I think solar panel can be have best option if the price of it decrease. In case of heat I don't think we can't reduce the damage through greenhouse gases. But we can remain careful not to do maximum damage otherwise in the upcoming days the weather situation will be more worse.

Omo... at this point, I no longer know what to expect. We've had excess harmattan, excess heat, what's next? Excess rain? Just tiring!

 2 months ago  

Extreme rain can occur which will bring flood. Wait for it. Although it depends on geographical location.