This Heat Is Not Funny At All!!!

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It’s not been an easy weekend for me. And while I’m glad that it’s over so I can return to school, I’m also a bit sad because I have to return to school. It doesn’t make much sense, I know but if you have any idea just how topsy-turvy the weekend was for me, then you’ll most likely understand why I feel a bit conflicted.

But then, what can I do? The problems I’m facing currently are internal. A good part of them are a result of my choices, and then a good part is also a result of the bad decisions of the government. And then, there’s this environment I’m staying at. Somehow, and in some way, everyone has a role to play in what I’m going through. However, if there is one thing I know, it’s the fact that I’m not the only one going through this. But does this make it easier to bear? No! Hell, I don’t even know why I mentioned that.


The other day, I talked about how confusing our weather was and how the harmattan seemed to have returned with vengeance. That was how most of January was for us. It was filled with chilly and dry air that after a while started becoming uncomfortable due to the cracked nose and the dry nostrils. We managed it though and somehow pulled through.

However, since we slipped into this month, it’s as if we jumped out of the freezer and right into the fire. The heat we’ve been experiencing is just something else entirely. Like, just simple things one does and you start pouring water from your sweat pores like a tap. It got so bad that I wasn’t even doing anything, I was just sitting on my bed and operating my phone when I started sweating profusely. I was sweating so much that the water was dripping off me in huge drops.


It’s just tiring and frustrating because the nights are way worse. When you sweat at night, everything gets wet. The sheets, the pillows, and even the foam, all make sleeping too uncomfortable for us. Bathing cold water doesn’t help much anymore because even as you’re toweling your body dry, you can feel the heat returning.

Anyway, this heat was the major cause of what I’m going through right now. Due to how expensive fuel is, a lot of us can’t run generators through the night anymore. However, power was restored a few days back, and it was left on throughout the night. To combat the heat, I placed my standing fan right at the head of my bed and bent it to face me. Then, I slept off.


Now, note that this is not my only fan. I also have a ceiling fan and another standing fan in the room, both of which were turned on as well. So, with that fan trained right on my head and bare chest, I slept off all through the night. You’ll be happy to note that I slept like a baby, and didn’t feel even the slightest heat. But, at what cost?

When I woke up, my nose was blocked, and I had a severe case of catarrh. I also felt cold, but this seemed to be internal cold because I was still sweating. And then, there was the headache as well. I could barely hold myself up because I was feeling sick. That’s when I realized just how big a mistake I had made.


Anyway, none of that stopped me from doing my work or performing my duties, although it sure as hell made them a bit harder. I bought some over-the-counter drugs to combat the cold and later today I’ll pay a visit to the medicals in my school and hear what they have to say about my foolery.

Maybe if the weather wasn’t so damn hot, I wouldn’t have resorted to that decision. And also, if power had been more reliable, then I probably would not have done that either. It’s crazy, I know. But then, what can one do?


Since then, I’ve not turned the fan on again. Even when power was restored for the night last night, I didn’t turn it on because I’ve learned from my mistake. If there is one thing I don’t joke with, it’s my health. While I don’t like the heat, I’ll also not want to get myself sick just because I want to feel cool.

So, that’s how I’m starting my Monday. Slightly sick and geared up to go to school. No worries though, it’ll all be fine. I’m sure we all will have a great week.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago  

The change in the weather here too is something else ooooo. As if you could use it as an oven.

Some parts of the northern part of the country are hot. I would invite you someday boss.

So sorry for the two choices you have to make. I pray I will be able to innovate air conditioner that is mobile and can be used on the body especially suit.(pray along).

Hehe... I believe in you.😁
We just have to make do for now.

 2 months ago  

Ok boss

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Thank you for this.

 2 months ago  

Yesterday while dressing for church, I saw thick drops of sweating dripping down my body and I just had my bathe at that moment.
I just hope this season goes off soon. It's unbearable

It's unbearable ooo.
Because it's just tiring, I swear.

 2 months ago  

God will help us. Amen🥹

I can definitely relate to the heat every afternoon but now it’s getting a little better. Last year December was the worst, everyone dripped here and there, no light, it was as if the door to hell fire was opened. It was unbearable but we thank God that it’s a little better.

They say too much of everything is not good that was what happened to you. You were so bothered about the heat you forgot that you could catch a cold. Thank goodness is nothing serious. That’s all we have to bear as Nigerian, like you said fuel are expensive too. May God have mercy upon us.

As in ehn... even till now, the heat is still excruciating.
I just want it to stop!!

 2 months ago  

it’s as if we jumped out of the freezer and right into the fire.

Haha, that's exactly the weather condition currently and then to make it worst, there's no NEPA light in my area.

Running generator all through the night is now a forgotten issue. Blame our government.

In a case of severe heat like this, I have known that A.c is better but for someone who doesn't have A.c, it's better to lower the speed of the fan. That fan has dealt with my children..they were on admission in the hospital due to the negative effects wen I angrily turned it on overnight directly facing them

And then Bruno, ceiling fan is ok because it rotates.. you shouldn't have turned on the other fan to face your head and chest again, lolz.. sorry I am laughing, I understand, it's due to degree of heat you went through but it's fine since you have learnt from your mistake.

I hope you get well soon

That's what the heat can cause, make us do things that normally we won't do.
I'm just tired, I swear.
But for me, since I got the standing fan, It seemed the ceiling fan no longer functioned because I no longer seem to feel it.😂

 2 months ago  

It’s like this country is close to hell fire ooh😂😂 cos this heat is just too much and unbearable but I’m always prepared for February heat so I’m not really affected

Omo... I wasn't prepared ooo! I was caught off guard!

 2 months ago  

I had my bath twice thrice today and there is no impact of the cold bath because I am sweating like a goat right now. The weather is something else and nothing feels normal anymore.

People who have AC installed in their apartments are complaining so what do people using fans do about the heat? I just hope the heat reduces in the coming days.

It's just crazy... and the only thing we can do is to try and cope. There's no choice in the matter. That's what we have to do.

 2 months ago  

it’s as if we jumped out of the freezer and right into the fire.

Right!!!.... I love this description bro😂😂. The heat is just too much and the crazy thing is that moving from cold to heat was too swift.

I got back from school today and all my body was dripping of my sweat.

Someone said the last person that entered hell forgot to close the gate and the heat from there is emiting to earth😂😂

Hmmm... that person did not do well ooo.
Anyway, I hope the rains come soon because that seems to be the only thing that can save us at this point.

 2 months ago  

What can I say to give you console 😅. Nothing Because my word can't give you cool air. I can feel your situation as I am going to face almost similar kind of situation within 1/2 months. This time the electricity issues will be increased again if I am predicting right. I believe that in this kind of weather anyone can be sick easily. So take care and stay healthy.

Your words can't give cool air indeed😂
Thank you though, I'll be sure to take special care. At this point, I can't afford not to.