Where's The World Going??

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What we’re experiencing right now in the world, is it the end or the middle? I’ve always heard the saying that things will always get worse before it gets better, is this the stage we’re in right now? Can we categorically say that at the next turn things will be better for us? Or have we barely even scratched the surface and there is even worse still to come?

Because with the way things are just going to ruin, there seems to be a strategy behind it. Everything seems systematic, except that we don’t just know the endgame, that’s all. Maybe if we did, we’d be more able to prepare for it.


It’s sad that the world has come to a point where it’s virtually impossible to go through a single day without hearing at least one bad news. Meanwhile, it’s very possible that you can go an entire week without a single good news. And then, this has nothing to do with mindset or anything, or you looking for the bad things… it’s simply being honest with yourself.

Just a scroll through social media and all we hear are shootings, kidnaps, fires, destruction, and chaos that has gripped the world. Everywhere you go people are facing one form of challenge or the other. And once in a while, you hear good news that will melt your heart a little bit and renew your faith in humanity all over again. But then, mere minutes later, something else has come to remind you of what a cold and dark world we live in.


If we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s really hard living in such a world, especially for those of us who remember a time when things were much easier. I come from a time when I can clearly remember that security didn’t use to be such an issue. The saying that the community raises the child was very true where I grew up. Back then, children could go out and play on their own even far from their house and their parents won’t be scared for their safety. If the child did anything silly or dangerous, any adult in the vicinity would step in. Back then, people could easily sleep with their windows and doors open to let the fresh air in. Life was cheaper then, and it was sure as hell easier.

In all this madness, the people I pity the most are the younger generation and those that come after. If this trend continues, then all they will know is how selfish and cruel the world is and how we’re being led by greedy leaders who want nothing like success for us. They’ll only know everyone minding their own business and living lives in isolation. They’ll only know the comfort phones bring and nothing of human-to-human contact. This is sad.

I’m an introvert, I hardly ever go out unless I have to and even then I time myself simply because… still, I have good friends that I’ve made offline. I have friends that we’ve been together for over a decade and I’m sure that with time, I’ll make even more friends. But I fear that the case might be different for the next generation of introverts.


Now we have schooling online, churches are now being built online as well, and I’m guessing that with time other religions might follow the digital route. Then with home deliveries of just about anything, we would rarely have to step out of the house. This means that one can work, school, and worship right there in their homes. You can live for months without stepping out of your house. Nothing about this feels healthy, and that’s what makes it so scary because I’m pretty sure that’s what future generations of introverts might get to face. That’s if they’re not facing it already.

Honestly, I don’t know where the world is going right now. No one does. However, we can only hope. Even as things seem to be getting worse, we can only hope. Still, no one knows tomorrow and for that reason, anything at all can happen. Maybe the world can become a better place after all, maybe evil won’t be so rampant anymore, maybe pigs will fly and dragons will become our pets… we can never know.

But let’s keep the faith all the same.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago  

We are in a point from where expecting something good is very difficult and I can predict that in the future days the situation will be worse. I believe that only miracle can save us from situation you are also predicting.

Yesso... we need a miracle indeed, because things are becoming dire.

 2 months ago  

There are some pages I no longer check online because I’d be very scared and won’t be able to sleep. There are also some people I don’t want to move close to because they are always talking about the bad things that is happening in life
It makes me scared and unable to sleep. I don’t want to have high BP😢

As in ehn... for your own mental health you'll just leave them alone.
It's just too much.

The only thing we can do is to pray and hope things will be better in the country. The security and economy are nothing to write home about. It's as if everything is coming to an end. How long can we all handle the current situation in Nigeria? Seriously, when I think of the current state of the country, tears fill my eyes, and all I can do is pray for the betterment of the country.

And this generation of the digital age can make life a lot easier, even though it has disadvantages. Like you said, work, school, and church can be done from the comfort of your home. However, I still think there won’t be a day or time when people won't find joy in going out. As there are introverts, there will always be extroverts in the coming generations.