HiveLearners 1st Anniversary!

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Let the drums beat for the first anniversary of Hive Learners Weekly Featured Edition Contest. So what's your anticipation about this? As we are presenting a bigger announcement. We, all members of Hive learners are going to celebrate this milestone not for the days but for a whole week.

Throughout the week, members would be gliding on the clouds of engagement and posting but wait, what would be the theme this time? As usual, this series of contests is going to be a thematic wait. Why are you looking down? Hmm, excitement is making you inquisitive. So without further pause I am unlocking this mystery. But remember no plagiarism, violation of copyrights would be tolerated at any cost.


The following contests are waiting for your participation:

Week 54, Edition 1 (Monday - Tuesday) [March 20-21]

Top Five Of The Year!

In the initial contest we are giving freedom to members to showcase your engagement in hive featured contest, #hl-exclusive. You have to submit your five favorite entries from the featured contest in form of a Week54E1 contest post. What motivated you to participate and how you have shown your presence? You have freedom to tell the readers about your favorite posts but don't copy paste the prior ideologies in the similar way. Bring something creative.


Week 54, Edition 2 (Wednesday - Thursday) [March 22-23]

Top Five Influencers!

In the 2nd contest, we would love to listen to the five posts of other authors who have participated in the hive learners featured contest. You can indicate the powerful impressions which made you influenced to read their entries. Remember if you are using their post images make sure to take their permission. Again be creative as you are the narrative of their entry but in your own way.


Week 54, Edition 3 (Friday - Saturday) [March 24-25]

So Far So Good...

The relationship of yours with other members & What Have You Benefitted From Hive Learners Community?

The friends you have made , we will be glad to listen to your stories which our community has developed. Let the world know how your engagement with others made you approach them. So this time you would be depicting the friends you made in the hive learners community. If you are having a mind to use their personal photos don't hesitate to ask consent from them.

We also want to know what you have comprehended from our community. Possibly you have the best experience here but still your feedback about the community and their members means a lot to us. So you have to tell us about learnings throughout the year which you have fetched from the Hive learners community.


The Contest About Creative Sunday (26th March, Sunday)

Creativity Everywhere

In the last celebration contest of our community, hive learner's initiative creative sunday would be highlighted.

You have to put forward 3 of your posts and 3 posts of other creative sunday participants. Bring something which fascinates you to participate in this unique contest ,make sure not to plagiarize the early presented thoughts. But image usage is limited to the author's permission.


Featured Edition 1 Year Anniversary Week Prize Pool

Edition 1:

5 HBD To 1 Author
Special Vote From @lazy-panda, To 3 Authors

Edition 2:

5 HBD To 1 Author
Special Vote From @lazy-panda, To 3 Authors

Edition 3:

5 HBD To 1 Author
Special Vote From @lazy-panda, To 3 Authors

Creative Sunday:

Special Vote From @lazy-panda to 1 Author

Regular Prizes for Featured Editions (HSBI & Ecency Points) will be there as usual, as well.


Rules that must not be ignored

  • Plagiarism is not going to be tolerated, image rights and clear sourcing should be highlighted.

  • Engagement with other users would be appreciated.

  • No copying of already portrayed thoughts or the summaries that previous posts contained.

  • No usage of images without permission of the original author.

  • Make sure the post contains a minimum 500 words count.



The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @dlmmqb ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

 11 months ago  

Happy First Hive Learners Anniversary!

A Great Part of my Hive journey from learning to engaging and weekly topics.. it's been so much fun being a part of this community!

Tho, best part is First Anniversary of HL a day before Hive Birthday on 20th! That's Awesome timing.

Excited to take part in This week special edition... Wishing everyone luck!


 11 months ago  

Anniversary will start from monday that's why all anniversary prompts starts from monday.

So, hive and HL anniversary is on same date. :)

 11 months ago  

How time flies's already one year since our amazing community began her weekly featured contest. I am happy to be a partaker from the first day till date. Happy anniversary to us.

The week is already power packed and it's going to be buzzing
I can't wait to express myself on how much this unique hl family has impacted my blogging life. HL to the moon 🌙🎉🎊💃🙌

Well thought out topics here 👍

 11 months ago  

The fun featured packs wasn't a day job to deliver. We were preparing for this for a long time. Also, internet was low as I am traveling so it was hard to even make a post. Still, GG we did it. :)

 11 months ago  

I see all the sacrifices
God bless you guys

I really hope that Ur internet will be restored.

 11 months ago  

I feel really great about this and another fantastic thing about the anniversary is that I was born on that same day.

I didn't start the weekly featured post with the community but the time I have participated has been great. The engagement, the support and knowledge acquired from the community have helped me a lot on and off the platform.

I am definitely pouring my heart more than the usual into this week contest to mark the celebration. Happy anniversary to us.

 11 months ago  

Indeed, I also believe hive and hl helped me in off-line world too. Will share more about it in 3rd contest of anniversary week.

 11 months ago  

This is a great milestone, HL has been the community that expand my visibility in this ecosystem.
I'm so glad to be part of this community.

Happy Anniversary in addy to HL, the prompts are so interesting and I can't wait to participate.

Thank you for this great update @dlmmqb, you are amazing!!
Long live Hive learners community!!!

 11 months ago  

Everyone is amazing :)

 11 months ago  

Happy anniversary hive learners community. Hopefully many could participate.

 11 months ago  

Waiting for your participation too. :)

 11 months ago  

Happy anniversary to the hive learners community, celebrating a year of hard work and consistency. There are a lot of things to write about. Next week will definitely be a fun week

 11 months ago  

We will be waiting for reading them. :)

 11 months ago  

Happy anniversary! 😁💃🎉

 11 months ago  

Nice to see you joining party. Get well soon!

 11 months ago  

Congratulations Hive Learners!!! I am new to the community but I already saw great prompts and blog entries.

Happy anniversary - have lots of fun this week!!

 11 months ago  

we will surely do. :)

 11 months ago  

One thing I'm always happy about is that I'm part of this great community, I'm happy i am a member of hive learners and you have done the best for me and the rest of my colleagues, @dlmmqb i knew how much sacrifice you have done so far and i will always appreciate you for that. Happy 1st anniversary more of it to come 🤗

 11 months ago  

@dlmmqb i knew how much sacrifice you have done so far

I really doubt that xD

 11 months ago  

Woooooha! One year has passed (how quickly!LOLZ)

Hive Learners is the very community that has given me utmost support. I am grateful for its existence.

Wonderful ideas for special week. I sm sure it will bring a lot of exciting to the platform.


What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

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 11 months ago  

Thanks for the kind words. HL community really turned out to be a growing place for many hivers. :)

 11 months ago  

Yup. It certainly do 🥰

 11 months ago  

It's good to be here on time " Happy Anniversary To All The Hive Learners":)
The best community for the newbies on the Hive. I learned a lot from it and still learning...

 11 months ago  

I also learned alot especially in our community hangouts :)

Happy First Anniversary to Hive Learners 😍😍😍💃💃💃🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️👌👌👌🎉🎉🎉

I can´t wait to bring my entries and read others too in the community.
Hive Learners has been a part of me on Hive and I am grateful to come across such a wonderful community.

Cheers to more anniversaries, HL 👏👏🎉

 11 months ago  

There is just too much to read haha. Each post contains 5 more posts hahhaa. I can't sleep going through everything haha

🤣🤣🤣🤣 That is a lot of work. You should sleep, wake up and continue. It's such a load of work 😌

 11 months ago  

I am just having fun :)

 11 months ago  

Happy anniversary to hive learners featured contents.🎉🎉. This is a very amazing way to celebrate the anniversary. Looking forward to reading amazing contents as always.

 11 months ago  

it will take days to go through everything and it's just 1st edition. this week will be busiest haha

 11 months ago  

Hehe hopefully you’re able to go through everything 🤞. Looking forward to reading a lot of posts

 11 months ago  

Happy first anniversary to hive learners🎉🎉

Looking forward to a great week filled with fun.😍
Can't wait

 11 months ago  

I wish u really enjoy the fun ride. :)

I am new here, but going through the comment section I can say that this community is amazing. I hope to learn from the members of this community.

 11 months ago  

Join our monday hangouts, they r fun. :)

You will get a chance to ask me any question related to hive on voice.

Okay, I will be happy to join you.

Happy warmest 1st anniversary to @dlmmqb

Greater things and best of times to you'll


 11 months ago  

you too

 11 months ago  


 11 months ago  

Thank you!


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 11 months ago  

happy anniversary hive learner

 11 months ago  

you too :)

congratulations on your 1st year at HIVE 🤣🤣

 11 months ago  

Ya, to HL community