Newbies Initiative Task 2 - Hive Guidelines and Markdowns"

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Few months ago, a certain storyteller stumbled on an island which had a pot of Gold buried under it, but then it wasn't totally easy to mine these Gold. First few weeks, I explored the island and discovered several communities, met a dozen new friends, learning loads of new things everyday.

Property Of Newbies-initiative

On this Island I met a friend @mineopoly who knows how to make a joke from basically anything. Together with my buddies @funshee @vikbuddy @sugandhaseth @blezyn we formed our little Pob gang on the vyb_pobtalk show run by @vempromundo.

On this Island I met great minds whose posts are always a source of inspiration to me. Users like @geekgirl, @trostparadox and several other crypto geeks who keep me updated on everything happening in the crypto world.

On this Island, I got to know of the existence of many birds I never knew about thanks to the likes of @birdwatcher and the entire feathered friends community. Also I came across so many recipe and learned to cook several dishes

Like every other reality, this Island is not beautified with roses only, it also has it's own share of thorns and challenges. On this Island, I met phishers and wolves in sheep clothing ready to devour you when you let your guards down.


Like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of Gold on this Island, and you could posses as much Gold as you want to, depending on your efforts and strategy. With regards to this, there are certain people who are lazy to work genuinely, therefore they hover around the platform, stealing people's work and claiming the glory.

This is totally bad, this is an act condemned on the island. Worse still, it is a great offense in the world at large. It is sad to see people committing this evil of plagiarization. A word of advice I have for people committing this offense is this; YOU CAN ACTUALLY CREATE SOMETHING GREATER THAN THAT WORK YOU FEEL LIKE PLAGIARIZING.

In the case of vote begging, I think this is common because in certain social media platforms there are trending #tags such as #likeforlike and the rest of them. Some people come to this Island thinking you are entitled to a users upvote simply because you upvoted the user.

Most times vote begging is aroused when you see somebody's work who might have low quality compared to yours having large rewards. For instance, a newbie might Post sexy pictures on her introduction posts and get crazy rewards, while another person might put extra efforts and receive less rewards.

Also there is the case of auto votes. Some people are lucky enough to have auto votes from minnows and whales. This way whatever they post, regardless of the quality gets large Upvotes.

Regardless of what pushes you to solicitate for votes, here's my little advice to you. Don't come into the platform with the mindset of becoming a millionaire. Write for passion, search for the right audience, the first couple years should be spent on building your account. Most importantly don't just hop into a community and drop a post and expect to get the same reward with others without engaging. I have noticed that communities value users who actually engage in the community much more.


There are two types of post recycling I know of, I don't actually know which is referred to on this question. There is the case of recycling your posts from one platform to another and there is the case of recycling your Old post on the same platform.

I don't see anything wrong with the first case, provided that the article is actually yours and you have prove of that. But then the case of recycling old posts on the same platform is like selling a plot land to different people over and over, that is fraud if you ask me.

On a calm evening as I carried out my daily routine on the island, I came across a wise old man with grey hairs @starstrings01. He sat me down and showed me a lot of secrets I never knew about the Island. You can watch everything this wise man taught me HERE.


After 30minutes with the man, I became a changed person. I have always seen articles with great editing and markdowns with no idea how it is done. After the session with @starstrings01 I can easily boost and edit my works to have some professional touches.


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amazing, you are surrounded by great people and I am sure what will be planned will definitely be achieved and of course I have to learn a lot from you about all things. thanks for sharing

 2 years ago  

Thanks,a lot for visiting my blog. We learn from each other everyday.

Continue to explore this beautiful Island dear, there are endless to what we can achieve. You are doing a great job by learning from the best around here. !luv

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Thanks A lot dear. Friends like you keep me going here.

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I don't see anything wrong with the first case, provided that the article is actually yours and you have prove of that

Recycling your own post on different communities , is it acceptable in hive?

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Yeah, it's called cross-posting. Not all communities accept that, but some communities are cool with it.

 2 years ago  

Okay...thanks for the clarification

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I love your post! The way you describe this island, who wouldn't want to visit? It's amazing!

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❤❤Thank You so much cutie.

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You really are surrounded with people to keep you motivated.

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Really awesome, good job dear.

Well done 🙌We must also source our images properly, and always reply to comments made on our posts. Then we will surely go far :)


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Thank you @zestimony. I'm sure you are a great writer as well.

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