NEWBIES INITIATIVE TASK 3 - My Hive Keys and Security

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I'm glad that the tutorial about safeguarding our keys is a part of the newbies-initiative program. It is essential to enlighten everybody on the importance of safeguarding your keys. And most importantly, not trusting anybody with them, not even the person that invites you to the platform. Sadly, I had to learn this the hard way, after being hacked two months ago. Stay tuned and find out how I was able to retrieve my account.

On the tutorial, I love the emphasis made on keeping your keys save. Basically if you are the only one with access to your keys, you can never get hacked. This was the first mistake of this storyteller in his adventure.

The Golden Keys


At the entrance of the hive island, there is a key master whose job it is to make keys for everybody entering the island. These were keys to your personal Mansion. The mansion contained your vault full of Money and valuables, it contained your life work, your tools for working and some unfinished project. I can vividly remember his warnings as he handed me my keys.

"Secure These keys safely where no one can have access to them. Lose your keys, and you will lose access to your mansion and everything in it."

While exploring my mansion, I was also thinking of THE BEST WAY TO KEEP MY KEYS SAFE At First I thought of storing them on my mail, but then this days it is easy to hack ones email. Then I thought of writing them down on a paper or a book. But then, what if the book gets lost, or gets burnt or soaked with water then I'll Lose my keys. I was beginning to have headache trying to find the prefect storage for my keys, then it came to me. I decided to create a document with my keys on it, then store it on my google drive. This way I can easily access it regardless of my location or the device I'm using.

I heeded the key master's warnings on keeping my keys safe, but I forgot about the part that said, don't trust your keys with anybody. Few days in the hive island, I came across an old friend. I was glad to meet him, I explained to him that I was new on the island and I'd appreciate his help in showing me how things worked around here. He agreed to help me on the condition that I made some payment and give him a duplicate of my golden keys. At first I had my doubts, but I convinced myself that he was a friend and nothing could possibly go wrong. I entrusted him with my keys, only for him to reveal his true intentions after several months. Perhaps he was waiting for me to acquire enough valuables. He locked me out of my mansion, changed the keys so that I couldn't have access.

The journey to recover my account wasn't an easy one, you can read more about it here>> Angels And Demons three people whom I respect a lot played a major role in recovering my account And I can't appreciate them enough. They are; @arcange @acidyo and @asgarth

Basically the most important PROCESS IN RECOVERING YOUR ACCOUNT is setting a reliable recovering account. Without a recovery account, your account can never be recovered if it gets hacked. It's not just about setting anybody as your recovery account, you have to choose someone that you can rely on to help you when the time comes. Also you have to choose someone who wouldn't fall for the fraudster that hacked your account. If there's no one you can rely on, you can choose a body such as @ocd which is currently my recovery account. Once you have a reliable recovery account and your keys valid within 30 days, then you can easily retrieve your account if you lose it.

Final Words

If your account gets hacked, act as fast as you can. If you delay, you risk losing your account forever. Note; After 30 days you can never retrieve your account, or if the hacker is smart enough to change your recovery account, then it's over. Change your keys from time to time, especially if you notice something fishy happening in your mansion😉



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 2 years ago  

Thank you!

 2 years ago  

Always love your stories as you know !LUV
I guess writing hive lessons in a Story Teller Form is very helpful for newbies ;-) and oldbies too.
Are oldbies bumblebies?

 2 years ago  

Hey @beeber! I'm glad you enjoy my stories😊 I think oldies can be classified as bumblebees.

I decided to create a document with my keys on it...

Worst place where to store your keys, even if you don't share it with anybody. Don't trust that Google "no evil" entity.

Have 2 paper wallets stored in 2 different secure places and you should be safe.

 2 years ago  

Worst place where to store your keys, even if you don't share it with anybody. Don't trust that Google "no evil" entity.

Lol really?! I never knew it has some flaws. Two paper wallets it is then. Thank you So much!

I never knew it has some flaws.

They are the flaws 😏

 2 years ago  

Lovely. You did great with the stories. Passed the message as well.

Nice one.