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Hello Hivers 👋

Hope you guys are doing great. Happy Sunday to you all. Sunday is my favorite day since my childhood and there is no other reason behind this because it is a public holiday:p

I can sleep throughout the whole day. But I want to make my Sundays productive by reading a book other than my syllabus and sometimes I do cooking. Last Sunday I Cooked chicken biryani and this Sunday I decided to make something artistic. I'm not very good at it but I love to try art stuff.

So let's start.

I see a doll drawing somewhere and I found it soooooo cuteee. Because I'm a girl so maybe these girlish stuff attracts me so much. So, I decided to make this doll.

** Material Required**

Pencil ✏️
Black marker
Sketch book
Paint brushes 🖌️
Water colour's
Ear bud (for blending)

Step 1

I will make this drawing by using the capital alphabet of English R. So I make a big R in a neat way.


Step 2

After that I make her hairs and her mouth neatly. Then I make her long coat 🧥 with a hoodie on her head. It's very easy to make her little cute feet 🐾 and a basket in her hands.


Step 3

After making the whole sketch with pencil. We use some water 💦 and also water colour's. You can use pencil coloru's also but I found water colours better option. I paint her whole coat red and her hair yellow. Also I paint her basket and shoe's 👠 brown.


Final look 💃

Lastly I highlighted the whole sketch with the help of black marker after some minutes of drying. The cutest thing in the whole drawing was her red cheeks haha. She looks sooo cute after putting some paint on her cheek's and blend it with the help of some water and a earbud.


So this was my Sunday creativity. I hope you guys like it . Thank you for reading my post.


 7 months ago  

wow from a alphabate R this amazing drawing.hats off to you.
the girl is really cute.
thanks for sharing ♥️

 7 months ago  

Thank you so much for appreciating me. It means a lot :)

 7 months ago  

The fact you started all of this with the letter R is amazing. And then coloring it too just adds to the beauty of it you did amazing.

 7 months ago  

Thank you for appreciation (:

 7 months ago  

Nice drawing.. And you taught us how to draw easily..Thank you to share...

 7 months ago  

Thank you for your kind words