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“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler



It is also very beautiful when you have the privilege of meeting amazing people. Most of the people I have met on Hive during this blogging experience are extremely wonderful.


BARRY (@barry405 on Hive).


Barry was the one who initially mentioned Hive to me, and it was an idea that I dismissed with a slew of justifications. Hive piqued his interest, and he was flaunting it, as I could tell.
Barry had to employ every trick in the book to get me to join Hive, a decision I wish I had made sooner. He assisted me in creating an account, setting it up, and delegating HP for me. I had no idea what such terms meant until I noticed their significance on Hive over time.



Every morning, Barry would send me a WhatsApp message reminding me that I need to post on Hive every day, participate with the community, and be consistent.
He gave me a brief instruction on how to use Hive and what I should and should not do. He pushed me to look into all of my alternatives in order to identify my niche on Hive.
I consider Barry to be a very good Hive buddy because he was important in my blog's growth. CHEF, THANK YOU




I recall coming into Hive Naija while scrolling through the site, looking for Communities to join ( it was a community for fellow Nigerians on the Blog)
Finding a community full of people from your tribe was a huge relief. Nonso was one of the authors I came across; he had built a network to assist in reaching out to Hive users. He was eager to assist and provide answers to any Hive-related inquiries.
I recall sending him tweets, to which he promptly responded and added me to the Telegram Community. I'd text Nonso with messages, questions, screenshots, and whatever else came to mind.


He had the exact answer and solution for every challenge I had. He would give me advice that would solve my problem. Despite his hectic schedule, Nonso always made time to respond to me and apologized when he was late, which was rare.
Nonso was the first person to urge me to try the Ecency app for easier commenting and reading of posts, and it has been one of the most useful pieces of information for me on Hive to this day. Nonso is a fantastic man whom I am proud to call a friend.

GIFT (@niglys on Hive)




I was wandering around Hive like a lost sheep when I stumbled upon Nigly on Hive. She made a very nice post and I liked what I read but she made a mistake while posting. It was the start of our conversation and we moved on to talk more about Hive and other personal stuffs, I asked her to join us at Hive Learners too because she is a good story teller and it is very natural for her. She has been amazing, very encouraging, funny and always willing to give great ideas. I consider her as one of my very great friends I have made on the blog. She is also a great graphic design who has refused to teach me, but I know she would. She has built a solid path for herself on Hive and outside Hive also. She does not hesitate to share new information with me or look for my trouble. Cheers Miss Gift..

BRUNO AND NKEM (@nkemakonam89 on Hive)




I had to combine both of them because they are the tag team responsible for trolling me on Hive, I find it very funny and lovely but deep down they are always around to read my post, comment and show great support on and off the blog. I value them highly. I have to say that Nkem is one of the sweetest persons you would find on Hive, she is very dedicated to her blogging which is very inspiring when I go through her profile, she has been able to build a strong following with this amazing charisma

WINNIE (@winniecorp on Hive)


I refer to her as Investor Winnie ($Winnie). I came across Winnie's post on Hive by chance and was curious to see what the "overthinker" had to say. We had a pleasant exchange on Hive, and she has remained my closest Hive buddy ever since.

Winnie is devoted to Hive and does not hold back in demonstrating her abilities. She is also in charge of inspiring me most of the time. She's also a good gossip buddy and a very humorous person. Winnie has never failed to remark on and support any of my Hive posts. She also watches out for her pals, which is a fantastic quality. I consider her a wonderful friend and the person to whom I can confide anything to.



Winnie is very consistent with her efforts, it is quite contagious too. She would see contest links or important information on the blog and immediately she sends the link to me. It is a definition of being helpful. She brings a different vibe when it comes to getting things done. It is amazing.

She writes in a manner that is very inter to read, she pours out her emotion and absolute best. She is also skilled in graphic design which can be seen on her posts, yet she has refused to teach me. Also, she possess a great sense of humor which is highly needed for me.

So, to commemorate this wonderful friendship, she recently acquired a reputation of 60, and I told her that as an Investor Winnie, we would do a giveaway of ecency points. So I've got 250 ecency points to give away to people who use ecency.


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Gonehive the lover boy, Mr. President are combining Bruno and I abi🤣🤩, your
You are a good friend to be with 👍

I love your vibes
No dull moment with you guy🤩

 2 years ago  

Even when commenting you are still dragging me😂😂😂😭😭😭...You certainly make alot of us smile which is very amazing to see.... Cheers to more days

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Chai only me almost 6 paragraphs.
Knowing you has been a great pleasure friend, even though you just use style to sprinkle a little bit of see finish.

The Igbo girl in me will not teach you designing for free so know this and know peace😂😂

A whole 250 ecency points, na you be the investor o 😂
Thanks for the compliments too weirdo

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Did this girl just call me weirdo???...BLOCKED Till further notice 😭😭...Once in a while, I just shalaye abit but what I said is very true....

You are amazing 🥳

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God bless that very day you were wandering oo and found me😅

Whenever you're ready to learn graphics, just send a DM, I'll be glad to put you through 🤓
Thanks for your kind words and for all you do dear!

Cheers boss🥂

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HIGHEST 😂😂😂😂😂.... Nobody is higher than you...I am very loyal to the administration 😭😭🥳🥳

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Abeg oo!
I am much loyal🤓

Troll ke 😂
Please Mr. President, I do not participate in such😇 you must not soil my good name😌
Thank you for seeing me as a friend, I'm honored.

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You are always welcome my chief

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Why do you say that they have refused to teach you? 😂
Anyway, it's really wonderful the awesome friends you've made on the Hive block chain and in Hive Learners too.
I'm glad you made this post.

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Thank you Stella 👏👏

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You're welcome. ✌️