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A "perfect" movie would undoubtedly be one that made you feel nostalgic and relatable. It would blatantly indicate the kind of movie you watch or something you could really connect to.


The portrayal of the cast and storyline would be crucial in helping us appreciate the message or notion conveyed in the film.


Years are spent filming and producing these films. The goal is to create a flawless film that we can see repeatedly without growing tired of it while still feeling as though it is our first time.

Firstly, it ought to be illegal to even consider making horror films. I have no desire to watch horror films at all since I don't want to experience nightmares or delusions.

Romantic and Action films would be my genre of choice. One possible explanation for my deep affection for Amandla Sternberg is my fondness for romantic films in general.



I will therefore be taking you on a romantic journey via some of my favourite romantic film in honour of this wonderful theme.




I adore Amandla Sternberg because she has truly mastered the art of acting, effortlessly slipping into any part and giving a masterclass.


I was able to see Hands Touch in 2021, though it was released in 2018. I wasn't prepared to cry, but it was well worth the wait.

Therefore, "When Hands Touch" focuses on the lives of those who lived during the Nazi War era rather than the Nazi War itself, which is what everyone would prefer to talk about.



This would bring us to Amanda Sternberg's character, Leyna, a young, attractive woman of mixed race who was romantically involved with George Mackay's character, Lutz, the son of a senior Nazi official.

Though the young lovers would believe otherwise, this "messy" mix split by ethnicity, skin colour, and war perspective would show to be obstacles for the relationship to work.


Because of the relationship between her German mother and her black military father, Leyna was a mixed German woman with black skin. As a result, she faced racial prejudice and harassment from other Germans who had a different opinion of her.


Nature finds a way to bring her and Lutz, a young Nazi soldier who crashed into her with his bicycle, together during her darkest moments. The couple experienced love at first sight, and when their romantic adventure started, you could feel the purity in their eyes.


It did not take long for Lutz and Leyna to realise that their love would not be able to flourish in the current environment. They ignored the awful world around them and concentrated only on their love, planning how they would meet and see as the adventurous Lutz had secretly invited Leyna into his home for some alone time.



Being mixed-race, Leyna finds it challenging as the conflict deepens. Nature redirected the lovers' paths when Leyna, who was expecting a child for Lutz, was transported to a labour camp where she was forced to work without much food and appeared to be very depressed and undernourished.


Lutz's father did not approve of his decision to fight his way back to find his true love, Leyna, as he considered it dishonourable and unethical for a Nazi officer. Leyna was left in pieces after Lutz Father shot his son, just as we thought the couple were back together.



The so-called war ended very immediately after Lutz's death, causing a lot of emotions because they were so near to having their love and a child. This was the most agonising sequence in the film.


People just don't realise that love knows no bounds, which is why I thought this movie was "perfect." It is very lovely, and it will keep going till it is with whom it wants to be in any circumstance until death.

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 5 months ago  

I have actually seen this movie but not to the end, the racism against the lady was much and I got really pissed, it was just too emotional for me to see many of them labouring hard without care or provision.

I didn't know her lover was shot, it looks like I have to see to the end now. It's indeed a fantastic movie.

 5 months ago  

I get how you felt but that’s the thrill to see how it ended

It was actually a good watch

 5 months ago  

You've done a good job with this analysis. Romantic movies give us a calmer perception about life and its approaches

 5 months ago  

I definitely agree with you and it is beautiful

 5 months ago  

Hmm.. you just got me emotional, why would he die? This is why I prefer horror movies to love movies, I don't want anything that would temper with my emotions 🤣

But you are right, love knows no bounds, it doesn't really matter, whether white or black, poor or rich. I love story, but I don't think I would love to watch because of the ending

 5 months ago  

Horror movies is a no go area for me at all

I don’t like it

 5 months ago  

Reading through felt like I have seen the movie already. You blacked for sometime, hope you are good?

 5 months ago  

Yeah I am
It is a great movie

 5 months ago  

I must say I really love her movies she's really good, excellence in acting...nice movie I will down it to watch. Thanks for sharing 😊

 5 months ago  

She is a top class actress

 5 months ago  

I'll have to see it, although you already told the ending !