Emojis and stickers: my top five (5).

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Emojis has been a part of our conversations recently, on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and other messaging platforms.Emojis are often used to describe the feelings of either the sender or the receiver without saying much in words.

I enjoy using emojis because most times I find it hard to discribe how I feel in words, so emojis has been helpful.
Sometimes people misinterpret or even take some statement too personally but with the help of emojis and stickers the person wouldn't take it too personally.
For example "please avoid me" it would be taking seriously without an emoji now see the difference "please avoid me😏☹️" the emojis just make it look not so serious.

My top 5 emojis I use.

  1. 🙌🙌The raising hands emoji: this depicts two raised hands, palms up, with lines above them, implying motion.
    I use it to celebrate friends and to express my joy and pride, or even supprise in something
    .eg, you are the boss🙌🙌.

2.😛tongue out:It's a goofy and lovable tongue out emojis that help express excitement
I use this emoji to express excitement and sometimes joke Eg, you wish you where hot like me😛.

3The love 💕 emoji: The two hearts emoji i used frequently in text messages relating to love. I use it to express affection to my very close people and persons. I use it for hubby like this e.g., I 💕 u to the moon and back.

  1. Laughing emoji🤣🤣: I use this to should how funny or how much am laughing at that moment.

5: 🥺 I use this pleading face each time I ask for favour from someone or when I want someone to give me more attention.

Eg: I have been so stressed out today🥺🥺

Lastly one most used sticker I use while chatting are

I use this particular sticker for my closest pals expecially when they say something I feel I'm not cool with or sometimes to make them laugh.
I use it to remind them that they haven't talk to me


Chatting has been fun with stickers and emojis but it shouldn't be use often because some conversation shouldn't be hindered or ended with just a sticker or emojis let's not abuse it.


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Hehehhe!! I see you are an emoji and sticker freak, reading your post made me felt like am actually chatting with you already with those stickers 😅.

Emojis helps us communicate our feelings without much words just like you said, one doesn't have to go about pondering on what to respond, those emojis are always available but there are some conversations that emojis , stickers and Gifs can't handle or should not even come in. My perception for emojis and stickers is that they are just for fun, maybe used to catch cruise with friends but when you're discussing something serious especially with those who are ahead of you, Using emojis or stickers shows a sign of direspect and unseriousness

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My point exactly.
I feel so irritated when I'm chatting with someone and all they can do is reply me with an emoji or a sticker.
You saying this now makes me feel I'm not the only one with such mentality.
Which is Ur fav sticker or emojis?

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It doesn't sound matured that way at all.. atleast a little emoji or sticker and a little word would do...

 last year  

Exactly 💯
When it comes to formal chatting or with an elder, it's good to use text. We should have boundaries with the use of emojis.. however, I love them

 last year  

Seriously, those features are nice but we shouldn't cross boundaries while using them. It's nice to hear from my mom oo.. hai!!!!! I missed you 🙈🏃🏃

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😆😆You are doing well friend, all these your stickers and emojis are cool o

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Thanks mojtee

 last year  

You are most welcome

Hahahahah, if I tamper with your brain now hahaha that's funny, I love emoji's and I make sure I save new ones when someone send them to me. Nice one.

 last year  

🤣🤣🤣I also save new ones when friends chat me up with it.
I like emojis too

 last year  

The holy Trinity of chatting- emoji, stickers and gif

 last year  

Yea👋 thanks for stopping by

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No doubt stickers and emojis are created to spice up any conversation and make it more fun. I love using them to express my feelings and emotions at that moment rather than typing long texts that wouldn´t describe how I feel at that moment 😎

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Yea they help save the day especially when you lack words.

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You're totally right about people taking some statements too serious when emojis aren't used, this is why I usually make use of emojis whenever I want to send a certain risky text so that the person will know I meant no harm 😆

 last year  

Yea sometimes people misunderstand the message so emojis help them stay focused
Thanks for stopping by .

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When words fail me, emojis always save the day for me 😂
I just love these emojis... some funny stickers can make one to stop having high blood pressure 🤣😂
U will just laugh out loud and be happy 😊
I can't imagine a chat without emoji