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Being greedy and stingy at the same time is a bad combination all together, sometimes people don't even know that they possess such traits and the worst is bringing it to their notice .
Before sharing my experience about this I would like us to first understand what the both words mean so that we don't misunderstand it.

Stringy:A stringy person is an ungenerous.He has money but feel reluctant to spend it on himself or other person.

Greedy : this have to do with having or showing a selfie desire for wealth and possession. I usually call such person "Oliver twist" and they are never satisfied.
I see greed as a bottomless pit that can exchaust a person in an endless effort to satisfy his/her need without ever reaching the satisfaction.

My experience
Sometimes I feel ave not really been fortunate with some friends and I've always been the giving on in some of my relationship.

While at school I had this friend I felt closed to and was willing to share anything and everything with her.

To me she was like a sister to me (so I thought), during our friendship she had issues with her landlord and so he asked she park out.she moved in with me and we were staying together and she was using most of my things because I wouldn't call it sharing, I wasn't allowed to use her things.

I usually take foodstuffs that would be enough for the whole semester and since she moved in she didn't come with anything.
She said after we both exhaust mine we would shop more, my food stuffs finished a week to when we would start writing our exams.
My dear friend refused to stock the house and she was eating out and giving me excuses that she was out of cash and that her parents didn't send money to her.
She was keeping that lies and denying herself good food
I later found out her parents sent her weakly upkeep and not even monthly upkeeps and she was never satisfied,she still hang around guys for money till one day her enemesis caught up with her(long story for another day).

I tag these greedy and stingy because she have but don't want to share and she is greedy because she still hookup with guys for money

If she had do things differently and maybe try and appreciate the little her parents are doing and also learn to give it would have made her stay with me and her other roommates more enjoyable. But instead she like to wear people's things and slay with them but never would she allow you near or even use her own.
I feel this trait (greed and stingy) can be corrected because they were never born with it, just like we were not born with the spirit of giving we just cultivated it.
Contentment is one big medicine to cure greed.


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Please let's talk on discord soon🙏❤️

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It quite unfortunate you experience that, you made a mistake by using your stuffs together, no matter how close you re with someone it do cause conflict. Thesame thing happened to my sister in school though I told her but she refused to listen, wen the unfortunate happened she call me complaining., And she decided to use her stuff alone and she never had issues again. Indeed We learn form our mistakes. Nice one

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Hmmmmmm nobody wanna give everyone wants to take lol, I guess she met her waterloo at the end of the day lol, yoruba call people like that sodiq ogbon lol, you were a true friend to her but she failed at reciprocating which crashed all and she even lied several times and that is poor 🙄, good one dear, keep doing good 👍

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Hmmm!! That was very bad, I have met a few people like that too. They only want to take from you but don't want you to benefit anything from them. What pains me about them is that, sometimes we might not necessarily be interested in their stuffs, we help them out of love but they usually think they are wise, is that not the peak of folly?

The love you showed that lady by allowing her stay with you and eat your own food alone is worth her to do anything possible to ensure that food is always available in the house even if it means for her to borrow.

Now that she kept hiding the money her parents were sending for her, how many mansions were she able to build with it? It is just so pathetic that some people don't think before they act.

I agree with you 100% that bad traits can be changed, no one was born with it. If we decide to work on them, we will become better versions of ourselves

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