Food when camping

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Good evening my colleagues wherever you are on this occasion I will give and also show One of the things I did this afternoon where I and several colleagues of course were cooking for our evening prep food in one of the tents

Happy new year, where in this new year, 2022, I and some colleagues do have a busy schedule, namely camping in a campsite in one of the cities in my area, Aceh, namely the city of Takengon, where we have prepared everything for these things made me of course have to prepare mentally to go there because it is quite far from my area which is about 4 hours away by motorbike

below are some of the foods that we enjoyed this evening with some of my colleagues, I just didn't prepare them carefully because from the time we left until we arrived at our destination, of course it was raining there





All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone

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delicious and simple dishes