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Welcome To "Hive Learners" Community

We are aiming to create a friendly environment where we will learn, teach & improve our skill together and thrive in the Hive Blockchain.

We will be following a dynamic roadmap where every user will go through different stages of tasks & homeworks which will help them to gain more knowledge about Hive Blockchain and basic tips & ideas about blogging.

Basic Rules To Maintain As A Community Member

  1. User must make a proper introduction post to be a verified member in the community. Every old/new bloggers of this community have to go through this verification phase.

  2. After passing the verification phase, the user must partake in some certain learning stages and have to successfully complete those phases.

  3. We prefer English as first language while creating contents. Though, Bengali (Bangla) will be accepted too.

  4. We will support any type of blogging content that is made with enough efforts & dedication. But religious or political related contents will be ignored.

  5. Try to keep engagement with others. Show proper respect to everyone. Post must contain minimum 150-200 words to get curated. We won't support the posts that are created with low efforts.

  6. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If anyone get caught while doing this heinous act, we will lebel him as [1st warning]. If he get caught again, he'll be muted & banned from the community.

  7. Use your country tag in first 4 tags while posting. For example: if you are from India, use #india tag in your first 4 tags.

  8. Lastly and most importantly, let's enjoy & learn while blogging in this community and Thrive Together. ♨️♨️


At A Glance: Hive Learners Roadmap


This is a wonderful initiative, the community will provide an opportunity for users to gain a clear knowledge of the basics of blockchain.

I think for those who are going to start the journey with us in a new way, I think it will be a very good way for them. Above all, I would like to thank the community for taking such a good initiative. best wish .

 11 months ago  
A great opportunity for new and experienced Hiveans alike, new Hive members can gain experience and eventually rise to the position of senior members of the community. Old members, too, can benefit from new information. Best wishes for a bright future for the community and a warm welcome to the learners.

I think this is a great initiative specially for the newcomers to help them grow from a newbie to an experienced blogger on Hive Blockchain. Also, the old members can share their knowledge, ideas & tips which will be beneficial for others too.

Overall, wishing the best for this community.

 11 months ago  

Finally, an initiative I know that would not only help onboard new users on hive but would also teach and coach them on the do’s and don’t of the entire hive blockchain.

I wish this community, our community the very best.

Thank you so much for making this post,Hopefully those who are new can obey all these rules.
Because in Hive Blockchain this is a bright future.

This is a great idea, a way to improve engagement in the community and still impact value.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

 11 months ago  

This is something that is very extraordinary for newcomers who still don't know about the world of hives, hopefully with the learning here they can grow together. Thank you very much for giving the opportunity to read this useful post.

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By virtue of my follow-up to the community for you, since I found you supporting some publications that do not meet the above-mentioned conditions,
My question to you is: what is the criterion for getting a vote here?

 11 months ago  

A more detailed post about this and many more will be made soon.

 11 months ago  

This post is very important for our newcomers. This post is very nice to know about the rules of the community, a very important post. There is and will be with the community.

 11 months ago (edited) 

Hola a todos, me gustaría participar en este programa de aprendizaje, pero tengo una duda sobre los idiomas. Existe la posibilidad de realizar mi presentación en español?, agradecería cualquier orientación al respecto. Saludos

Yay! 🤗
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 11 months ago  

Thank you very much for this very valuable information, this is good news for all new users where to be successful together in learning and improving abilities and skills 🙏

 11 months ago  

Understood. Everything has been explained here in a way which can be comprehended quite easily
Will work on it accordingly.

 11 months ago  

Sorry I just read the guide. My next post will follow the new rules and all of its directions. Thank you

 11 months ago  

No worries. 🙂

 11 months ago  

A very unique and potential initiative idea and I hope it will be fantastic in hive platform.Best wishes for new journey of the community.

I am open and quite excited to learn and thrive. Thank you for keeping it simple. I will make sure that every step is followed properly.

 11 months ago  

Thank you for explaining everything here in a very simple manner.I will follow each and every step in the suggested way.

very useful information for newcomers, once again thank you for the information, good health always friends

May this community develop well and be successful together.

This is a nicely decorated community. The way they have planned everything. I am sure this community is going to be a huge success.

 11 months ago  

thanks for giving us this information, i have been waiting for it a few days. I will immediately begin the first step, namely introduction.

I want to ask, apart from Bangla, is Indonesian accepted? .

thank you for your answer.

this is very informative rules for us.I think everyone follow all above the rules. Good wishes for everyone.

A new project has been started with a new initiative. Many good wishes for all.

Isnt it so that once you did use the introduceyourself tag you cannot use it again, cause of robbing the reward pool ?

 11 months ago  

Sorry, there's a little bit of error . That was meant for the newcomers who will be publishing introductory post for the first time. However, we've updated the guidelines properly now.

Thank You for your concern