A PEACE LOVER - But I respect Myself first

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Right from the onset dispute settling has never been my thing as I have learnt from the funny stories and experiences of people, but that hasn't giving me a total stop to intervene when I see people in dispute or chaos (I hate fighting and fighters too). I believe I have succeeded in settling fights but not a quarrel between two friends




I'm the type of person that makes friends easily and I respect people allot but despite our closeness your enemies cannot become my enemies (big mom taught me this). As at when I moved to my current area in warri, i met a friend of mine who happens to stay in the compound and he had a girlfriend by name ("FAVOUR") we all really went along fine, until we had new neighbors (females) who came to the compound also, in no time we all vibed together... it's a compound with allot of single room apartments. Things were going all fine but like we always know women will always be women, in no time they started accusing each other of cheating with their boyfriend. New neighbors were always agile and ready to fight because they are plenty in number, but ("FAVE") is a one woman squad but she's fearless. One sunny afternoon things got so hot and it led to a fight between "FAVE" and Two of the new neighbors


Honestly speaking I never knew slim women can be that strong, she personally took on both ladies (like I mean she actually beat them both) despite her little size... They got separated but it took a man to actually lift "FAVE" out of the fight zone because she held her ground. FAST FORWARDING"""" things were settled and later on Malice started, i never tried to settle any of them because i have been advising from the onset and also another way to keep my respect intact before someone tells me funny words for my good I'm trying to do. But the funny thing about the new neighbor is that she wanted me to keep Malice with "FAVE", i laughed hard at her face and repeated same words to her "YOUR ENEMY IS YOURS AND NOT MINE TO KEEP" ("FAVE" that I'm even planning to buy shawarma for being such a fierce fighter)

It didn't take up to 6 months before the new neighbors parked out and guess what till date I'm still neighbors with "FAVE" (My Friend's girlfriend) just imagine I started keeping those Malice and in the end I'll be left on my own boat in shame after they've parked




If you can't settle the dispute don't force things, and if you have your best friend keeping Malice, advice and don't join them in beefing the other folk... Lastly women are barely understood because even they do not understand themselves (always learn to ask them if they are ok at every point of their distress) and never try to settle chaos involving two crazy lovers... This will be my time and i hope you had a great time ... Your contributions, support, question and corrections are welcomed on this content, thanks allot for coming around ❤️😇


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 2 months ago  

Thank God I've found my pair, I hate meddling in people's affairs. Settling dispute is never my thing at all. Nice write up!

 2 months ago  

Smiles (it's good to have you around "PAIR", I get easily tired of repeating words so maybe that's why pleading with someone to forgive someone is not really my thing... Like I believe they are both adults and they can rethink back and see where the whole chaos started from and put the pride aside and apologize to each other
I don't see what's difficult there, well thanks for coming around ❤️😇

 2 months ago  

I'm happy you shared this, is really a nice write up ✍️... exactly my point 💯 why would one be angry or keep malice with someone just because the friend is not in good terms, to me is wrong and my mom will always advice me against it. The saying that goes someone else's enemy might be your helper is very true, this is a lesson to all to learn. Nice one friend 👏👏👏👏

 2 months ago  

Some people will not heed to such advice oo
Wonder how they keep being blunt headed
But let's keep our path good and chaos free✌️❤️

Indeed... Not everyone should be mediators, trying to force it will only serve to complicate matters. Thank you for sharing this with us.

 2 months ago  

You are much welcome, we'll just do our best and leave the rest
Thanks for stopping by, you always turn up ✌️❤️

I agree that when something doesn’t work, it just won’t get magically fixed by forcing it.

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Buying shawarma for her got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

I had to learn this by fire by force, the person offended you, not me, why should I be angry on behalf of you? 😂.

Thank you for this post