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If there's suppose to be a body, group organization, or individuals that should be much appreciated then it should probably be the military. These people are one in a million, that's if we really acknowledge what it means to put yourself in front line battle just to protect others (that's a big act of selflessness and a heart of gold)

I've gotten insight and good knowledge of what the military is about so if I'm to choose between the three major military bodies we have (ARMY, AIR FORCE & NAVY), I'll choose to be among the "AIR FORCE" and there are lots of reasons why I'll choose the Air force even though I crave for the Sea (Navy). And despite the fact that when you are countered in the air, there is slim chances of survival but i can tell you that it's the safest place to be



Last respondent: There can be situations where other military bodies are overpowered either on land or in the Sea but 3-5 birds can go clear the area and come back victorious without the lives of the military personnel being at stake

For fighting safely: For the long distance range at which they can still fire and target their aim very well this can make one be on the safer side while you are in battle . And airstrikes are difficult to get down and they can clear more area easily from far above and you barely see them coming, so this will make me fight safely if I'm in the Air force.



I can't promise to turn the table around because trying to do so will be like challenging the big guys who are in control and it may cost me my life in the end (we know how our dear country is) but...
I'll bring double knowledge and international standard to the team I coordinate,I will study war carefully and also pass that knowledge down to my fellow cadets and team mates, I will work hand in hand with other forces if there be missions even go as far as providing Air view (drones) to the Army since they have hindsight in trying to explore areas so they won't fall victims (part of my salary/earnings can be used for that).


This will be my little take on the very topic that was brought up by the Hive Learners initiative for discuss and I hope it made some impact, thank you very much for coming around
Your questions, comments, contribution and supports are welcomed on this one ✌️❤️

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Truly they CAn launch assault from safe distances but what if they is a counter assault on you and your aircrew 😅? Well, there are now unmanned air resources that are guided by someone perhaps in another state. I think soon we will be having assaults with less men.

Good one you have here, I love that reason you it there.

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Yeah I pointed out the fact that it's very deadly and with zero survival when you are countered in the air....

For sure there are unmanned aircraft and airstrikes but in a country like Nigeria when they can't afford even the cheapest guns, how will they invest into such advanced weapons

We just hope for the best, thanks for coming around ❤️😇✌️

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Me? I don't want to join any because I have fear of heights, I don't know how to swim and I am afraid of guns heheh but I salute our dear military. They are our hero saving lives and put their life at risk in protecting people.

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People are quite different though, and I appreciate your honesty... Thanks for coming around ❤️✌️

Indeed... Trying to change something that has been one way for a long time will not be easy. But it will definitely be possible.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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You are welcome, I appreciate your presence too✌️💕