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Greetings everyone.

When it comes to the subject of health, it can't be overemphasized because it's where all the reactions from our daily buzzle and hustle settle, and if not properly and early attended to, it can lead to heavy alarms. It's so bad that most of us, especially myself, don't realize that something is wrong with our bodies until severe symptoms emerge.

Just like what I read in Kushyzee's post on how he made some illustrations on the color of our urine, which says a lot about hydration levels and sickness in our bodies. I usually take a change in the color of my urine as a mere symptom of malaria, and I usually dismiss it because the workaholic nature of man is prone to be attacked by this fever once in a's a common thing.

There's a common slang in rural areas of Nigeria, and it goes like this: "Disease cannot kill an African man."

You'll agree with me that our forefathers in the rural areas lived very reckless life when it comes to being hygienic, especially in things that they eat, and still, they lived longer with fewer health troubles.

I was fortunate to be brought up in such a rural setting, and I saw how life is lived there compared to what we have in the advanced world currently. The truth is that these common health issues also affected them, but what they had in their bodies was able to fight the diseases, and this strength to fight sickness came from the food they ate, which was rich in vegetables and fruits.

Back then, I didn't know the advantage of eating these vegetables; I was only following the laid-down principles and manner of feeding at home because back then, it's almost impossible to eat any soup without enough green vegetables such pumpkin, bitter leaf etc. My dad would even add it to his rice, and it used to be sweet...I adopted that habit and I'm still on it till today.

In the village we had trees of fruits everywhere such as oranges, pawpaw, bananas, mangoes, etc., and we ate all these both when in season and when not in season.

What's the essence of all these?

With all these, our bodies were very much immune to sickness; the symptoms only appeared briefly, and before you knew it, they would disappear into thin air, with or without medication.

Vegetables and fruits contain a high level of vitamins, which help our immune system to maintain a fit body especially to fight diseases. The medics know this, that's why their first recommendation in any feeding aspect is "go for fruits and vegetables."

Although I learned the act of eating vegetables and fruits via mere practice at home, it has become a routine for me because I've seen that it's one of the actions that have made me a healthy person, I hardly fall sick and the only health issue I experience occasionally is catarrh.

I hardly make any meal without green vegetables; also, things like pepper and onions are very well included. I know of friends that don't add these to their food, not even pepper, and it's not like they're on medication...🥹
** Go for more Fruits and vegetables!**

Thanks for reading.

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 2 months ago  

Yeah, these things are so rich in vitamin and help our immune system fight diseases, and so many other functions. Growing up then with my aunt, eating green leaves was war for me, I can spend hours to finish a bowl of rice if pumpkin leave is added to it.

In the aspect of eating vegetables, I have improved but for fruits, I don't know who swear for me in eating fruits. I'm very selective. When I tell people I hate banana and so many other fruits they just give me "hope you are normal?" kind of look. 😆🤣

 2 months ago  

Growing up then with my aunt, eating green leaves was war for me, I can spend hours to finish a bowl of rice if pumpkin leave is added to it.

This is very common to ladies. Some of my female siblings battled with us on this🤣.

But the fact that you're an Igbo and dislike green vegetables is baffling me. Those people don't joke with it.

Thank you for stopping by

All the items are really helpful

 2 months ago  

Yes ooo!
Very beneficiary to the body.

Thank you

So true and highly important facts

 2 months ago  

Thank you


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