Creative Sunday Highlighted Contents Showcase [Week-085]

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Good Day Everyone. We hope you are having a good day. Today, we are going to publish last week's highlighted creative contents of #creative-sunday campaign.

Though, as creativity knows no bounds, we won't be selecting any winners in particular as EVERYONE'S A WINNER in this campaign. We will be highlighting a few creative contents so that others can have an overall idea about this campaign and take inspiration & encouragement from these contents.



Contents Creative Sunday: Comforting beef short rib and red bone soup -Recipe-

We begin this week's creative Sunday initiative with this amazing beef short rib and red bone soup recipe from @dlizara. She also made sure to carefully explain every process involved in making it.


Coconut Flavoured Rice Pudding & Pepper Sauce.

This author, @george-dee, also introduces us to a recipe he calls coconut-flavoured rice pudding with pepper sauce. According to the author, he had come up with the name himself, a name he feels fits his delicacy perfectly due to simple ingredients it takes to make it at home.



Creative Sunday: Painting an Old Water Pump

This author, @artbeat, shows us how good their drawing is by recreating an old water pump that they had seen and also giving it some beautiful colors to make it look almost the same as the one they had taken a picture of.


Happy 14th February (Creative-Sunday drawing Task) and fun GIF

This author, @shrazi, shows us his amazing artwork as usual, this time spreading a very important message, a message of love. From the look of the artwork which was a picture turned into a GIF, one could tell how much work was put into it.



Creative-Sunday: Diy Recyclebale Wall Decor Artwork Using Mirror 🖼 (creative home decor)

This author, @vanessakor, reminds us of how good she is at home decor with this amazing artwork she made by creatively putting broken mirrors together, giving it the shape of a butterfly. And what's even more exciting is the fact she made all of this using materials that could easily be found around us.


I designed a shirt and short for my adorable nephew

This author, @glorydee, shows us how she was able to sow an outfit for her little nephew. In this post, she made sure to explain the process, showing the various steps she took in making sure the outfit came out perfect.



Inviting a fellow to hive/ meme edition.

This author, @ahmedhayat, makes a funny meme telling us of his experience with a newbie he had invited to Hive and how she finds everything a bit strange to her.



Creative Sunday ~ Melo Melo by Olamide.

This author, @rafzat, shows us how talented she is by singing the famous afrobeat song titled Melo Melo from the afrobeat artist Olamide.


Rules & Guidelines

  1.   Only one creative post per sunday for each member. Sending in more than one entry will cancel out everything.
  2.   You must use the tag #creative-Sunday as your first tag.
  3.   Plagiarism of any sort will not be condoned and will be swiftly acted upon.
  4.   The Creative Sunday starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (according to your local time) on that same Sunday. Posts before and after that timeframe wont be considered.
  5.   You do not have to be a verified member to take part in the creative sunday campaign. You can participate as a guest member as well. 

Detailed Rules & Guidelines (Arts & Sketch, Cooking, DIY)

Detailed Rules & Guidelines (Collage &. Meme)

Detailed Rules & Guidelines (Short Drama, Songs, Scientific Experiments)


Please remember that it is important to follow each one of these rules in order to avoid your post getting muted or you getting disqualified.

We are encouraging you all to take part and show us your creative sides, you might be teaching someone a thing or two. After all, that is why Nature blessed us with these gifts so that we could bless the world with them. We look forward to a lot of creativity from you all.


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Thank you very much for the mention and for appreciating my content @kronias🤗🤍👍💫

Thank you so much for gifting this treasure of experience alive through art diy music as well as wonderful combinations. Also, I thank you again for giving us the opportunity to gain more experience through this presentation. Along with that, I am expressing respect and love to the curators present here.

Thank you very much for presenting the winners with some excellent rules and regulations. Respect to all the winners and appreciate all their skills. God is always great. I wish you all the best for your hard work.

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