Hive Learners Family Celebrating 5K Subscribers Milestone [Video]

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Hello everyone! How are you all doing on this great day?

Here at the Hive Learners Community, we are still in the spirit of celebration of our 5000 member milestone. It has indeed been wonderful seeing every one of us participate in the endeavor to mark this part of the journey for the community, and we’re certain everyone can attest that this is a huge win for all of us. From the contests to the videos, it is great to be reminded of the love and harmony that exists between the members and it inspires us to do even more.

5000 is a huge number, considering how long we’ve been at this. And it is evident that at this rate, we would double the number in no time at all. To mark this achievement as a special & memorable one, our members were asked to send in videos of themselves celebrating the achievement, and the response was just heartwarming. It was an evidence to the amount of impact the community has had on the lives of the members, and we are going to share it all with you!


Our members who participated in the celebratory video include:

Video Editing Courtesy : HL Knight [@dlmmqb]

True to our commitment, we would always be forthcoming with measures to help members grow and learn the ways of a good blogger, building relationships that will go over and beyond the simple tasks of making posts and turning the Hive Learners Community into a home for us all.

Last but not the least, do not forget to participate in our Cover Design Contest as we’ve extended the deadline till 8th July. The best cover image would be used as the official Hive Learners Cover image and for everyone who visits the community, it would be the first thing they see. You can learn more about the contest from HERE

Cheers to #5000!

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@dlmmqb 😅🤣🤣🤣😂... Your ending made it 👌

 8 months ago (edited) 


My party poper didn't worked as intended, I had to stop the shoot. Then friend had to manually through it from party poper on me like a groom bride event.

First reaction was about worrying if it will happen as I planned or I have to reshoot as fan was off and it was already too late and my family was also unaware about this.

Then second reaction came out as a relief as I knew the shoot is done now.

I am still not sure why the other worked from same shop but mine didn't worked.

Now you know the background FUN story xD

For real 😆

 8 months ago (edited) 

Woohoo 🎉🎉😂😂... this video is lovely 😍.. @george-dee you got a fake party popper 😂😂😂😂, I couldn't stop laughing out loud 🤣🤣🤣

@starstrings01 you just oppressed us with your unique presentation here 😍😂🔥..that's lovely

I love everyone's video presentation here ..I loved seeing you guys handsome and beautiful young fresh like bread 🍞 from the oven..lolz
You all are doing well 😍😇

This video made my night already

Thanks HL team

Thanks @dlmmqb for the overall planning and that unique ending of the video

Happy 5k sub to my home community ❤️🔥🎉💃🕺

 8 months ago  

I did make a party popper, I will send you the picture tomorrow.

Congratulations to us, the best of Hl is yet to be seen. The sky is our starting point.

Lol how is my presentation unique 😂🤣😅... I was the only one that didn't use part pooper 😂

Congratulations on this achievement! 5K subscribers is a good number!

Thank you very much 💕

 8 months ago  

Congratulations again HL community for 5K milestone. I love the celebration style of @starstrings01, @dlmmqb and @husnainyousaf. This what an active community with productive people celebrates. Hurrah!

 8 months ago  

@aslamrer thanks
I am very happy that Hive Learner has reached 5k subscribers and the community will grow even more in the future.

 8 months ago  

This is the right perspective we can see in the future. I like and love the transparency of the HL community a lot.

 8 months ago  

This is very good

Thank you!

 8 months ago  

Okay that was fun to watch 🤣🤣.
Congratulation to hive learner on 5000subscribers hip hip hurray.

 8 months ago  

Hehe. Finally seen some people of hive learners in live😅.. I enjoyed the video..
In case of contest I want to know according to which time zone it will end.? Because today is 5 July 🙂.

 8 months ago  

I love to see everyone's beautiful faces, it is my first time seeing Prayzz and that's cool.

It's great being part of the video, it is one of the best ways to show my appreciation to the community.

Congratulations to the community, road to 10k

 8 months ago  

I kept wondering when the video was gonna drop so I could see the beautiful faces of our members😊. It's nice to know that I wasn't the only one with a DIY party popper😂.

Nice video compilation skills @dlmmqb 🌹🌹
And thank you for the benefits, y'all didn't have to. I had so much fun making the video😄.

 8 months ago  

A big congratulations to all the community on the 500p subscriber's, this was an amazing video.

 8 months ago  

Woah super nice. I'm not a celebrity so :P. .Great job on the video guys! awesome that there were efforts to purchase the item to blow confetti as celebration amazing!

 8 months ago  

This is beyond lovely,so adorable everyone making an effort 💜
Honestly the community engagement in #hl has been the best active, effective one I have ever seen.
Thank you everyone for making such efforts.

 8 months ago  

Congratulations to HL community on 5k subscriber,am glad to be mentioned among participants..
Thank you all

 8 months ago  

Congratz again HiveLearners and you guys are looking awesome, and its great to see members on one video, it shows our love 😍

 8 months ago  

Congratulations Guys...Daaamn, this video is wholesome for real. That ending tho 😂😍

 8 months ago  

Every single clip gave me different type of joy. Felt good to see y'all happy faces.

Some of us and our coughing poppers, though. 😂😄
The DIY poppers were an interesting challenge.

Congratulations to us all, once again!

Great work, DLM. 🤝

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 8 months ago  

Congratulations hive learners

 8 months ago  

Nice video! Happy to be part of the community myself. Thanks everyone

This is beautiful indeed. It has not been easy coming this far, and it's awesome seeing that you all have had a great time just as much as we have.
Love the video!😋

 8 months ago  

The best is the end for sure lol

 8 months ago  

!giphy congrats


 8 months ago  

A warm hearty cheers to us for this great milestone achievement...🎉❤️🎂🥳

 8 months ago  

Watching the videos of the party poppers was so fun at least I learnt a new thing that period. Congratulations to hive learner's and wish us all 10k subscribers in no time.

Congrats on your achievement!

 8 months ago  

Congratulations once again to the #hivelearners community for achieving 5k, I am very happy to hear this news, I always pay attention to this community which is getting more and more subscribed day by day and I always hope that in the future #hivelearners community will be more successful. 🤲

 8 months ago  

Congrats everyone for this milestone. I'm afraid of the camera so very well done on those that participate in the video.

 8 months ago  

Wow 🤩 finally, congratulations to us all @hivelearners community, the video is givinggg😍😍

 8 months ago  

Congratulations @hivelearners
Thank you for all you do for your members
Sure, we will hit greater height
Nice presentation we have here 🔥

 8 months ago  

really nice video and as a part of this community, we all are happy for this big achievement. Hip Hip HURRAYYYY!!

 8 months ago  

CONGRATULATIONS!!to Hive learners and it was fun to see everyone in the video!!!
Amazing milestone!!! worth celebrating.

 8 months ago  


Who were pouring the flowers 😂😂😂
@bruno-kema , your flower is too small, hehehe.

@zitalove with the voice

@olujay my boss, true true, your voice is nice, hehehe, explore the musical world already

Heheh, best aunt @nkemakonam89 , never knew you can dance😂😂😂

Congratulations #Hivelearners Community for hitting that great milestone... You've come to stay and thanks for all you do on Hive

Nice job all you who participated in the video, you guys are the real MVPs 🙇🙇

Don't mind me joor... that was my first time making that party popper. I didn't know it wasn't enough though😅

 8 months ago  

It's alright

 8 months ago  

Hahaha 😂😂
Play hot music for me and see me dance 😅

 8 months ago  

Now I know

I just started following the trial 💎⚡🤛🏻

 7 months ago  

Hey @kronias I was wondering how to find my 6 years old introduction post. Do I n3ed to make another introduction post for the sake of HL?

 7 months ago  

No, you don't have to make another intro post. You can skip that part if you cannot find your introduction post link

 7 months ago  

That's great @kronias 🥂 I joined the discord channel too...but the problem is I hardly manage to stay active ..or can say I am not that much chit - chat fella...🤒..will catch up someday..

Greetings everyone!

What an exciting day it is! Congratulations to the entire Hive Learners Community for reaching the remarkable milestone of 5000 members. 🎉🐝 It's heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and camaraderie that define our community as we celebrate this achievement together.

From the initial steps to this significant stride, we have grown and learned together. The dedication and passion each member brings to the table truly make this journey worthwhile. Whether through engaging contests or inspiring videos, it's evident that the bonds we've formed go beyond just a digital platform. The unity and support within our community are what make Hive Learners truly special.

Reaching 5000 members is a testament to our collective commitment to learning, growing, and connecting. It's incredible to think about the potential for even more growth in the future. As we look ahead, we're filled with excitement for the opportunities and learning experiences that lie ahead of us.

Speaking of celebration, the response to the call for celebratory videos has been overwhelming! It's awe-inspiring to witness how the Hive Learners Community has made a positive impact on the lives of its members. We can't wait to share these heartwarming moments with all of you, showcasing the genuine connections and personal growth that have blossomed within our community.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this journey. Let's continue to learn, inspire, and support one another as we embark on the next chapter of our remarkable adventure together. Here's to 5000 members and beyond!

Cheers to unity, learning, and endless possibilities! 🎊📚🌟

Warmest regards,

Congrats on the milestone achievement. Keep up the good work! We beginners need You.

Congratulations it's a nice one

Congratulations to this amazing moves, I just joined the community, wishing for the days I will be shinning like all of you here, I'm happy to be here.