Highlighted Contents Showcase Of Creative Sunday Campaign | Week-006

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Good Day Everyone. We hope you are having a good day. Today, we are going to publish last week's highlighted creative contents of #creative-sunday campaign.

Though, as creativity knows no bounds, we won't be selecting any winners in particular as EVERYONE IS A WINNER in this campaign. We will be highlighting few creative contents so that others can have an overall idea about this campaign and take inspiration & encouragement from these contents.



Dark-magics of my kitchen

If you try cooking once a year will you be considered a pro? @fahmidamou brings the attention of master chiefs toward her fastest and easiest recipe of beef curry. But before falling into the trap of her delicious food, the description of her fascinating words about herself may deviate your attention. Might be this creative laziness influences you for cooking.


George Dee in the Kitchen

How much you are a pro in cooking, I can chop the vegetables in a delicious way. @george-dee might add his skill of slicing potatoes in a neat way by giving tribute to Hive learners. Although after this ceremony he ate all the potatoes by mixing them with other ingredients, it was an easy way to impress others.



Rabbit Blowing bubble gum

Might be you have failed to make your own image of blowing bubbles but @shopnilhasan successfully creates a rabbit who is able to do this. How you can impress others, just play tricks with your hands in the way he did. Video tutorials will guide you to create this creative yet nutty stuff.




What is the world's difficult work to achieve @gone-hive will bring the desperate life in the spotlight regarding this . creativity is natural yet one has to struggle a lot either for polishing it or finding the capability too. How the bloggers consider HL contests and their mind setup while preparing a new blog. All these thoughts are presented by this member in absolutely hilarious ways.


Rules & Guidelines

  1.   Only one creative post per sunday for each member. Sending in more than one entry will cancel out everything.
  2.   You must use the tag #creative-Sunday as your first tag.
  3.   Plagiarism of any sort will not be condoned and will be swiftly acted upon.
  4.   The Creative Sunday starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (according to your local time) on that same Sunday. Posts before and after that timeframe wont be considered.
  5.   You have to be a verified member to take part in this.

Detailed Rules & Guidelines (Arts & Sketch, Cooking, DIY)

Detailed Rules & Guidelines (Collage, Meme & Poetry)


Please remember that it is important to follow each one of these rules in order to avoid your post getting muted or you getting disqualified.

We are encouraging you all to take part and show us your creative sides, you might be teaching someone a thing or two. After all, that is why Nature blessed us with these gifts so that we could bless the world with them. We look forward to a lot of creativity from you all.