I am going to the market by van along the beautiful road of the village

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Is our village a beautiful village? There is a beautiful road in the middle of the village surrounded by greenery. I am going to the market today.


Our village is a beautiful village full of greenery, the people of this village are very beautiful, I am very happy to see their behavior, they treat everyone well, I am going to the market today in this beautiful road of our village by van, all my big brothers got up, He treated me very well, I was going to the market with them, I liked it very much.


I got in a van in the village, this van driver is a very good man, he has no arrogance in his mind, he works hard, he drives the van sweating his own blood, he doesn't kill anyone's money, I started talking to him and in his van I came to the market.


In the afternoon the atmosphere was very beautiful, the sky looked very beautiful, there were white clouds in the middle of the blue sky, very beautiful environment, I liked it very much, I looked at the sky and began to enjoy the beauty of the sky, this beauty took my mind, I liked it very much.

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