My life with or without social Media

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Adapting to change is one of my greatest strength. Assuming we are forced to go back to the century before now to live an olden day life, I will still survive it despite the technology I have enjoyed in this century.
This goes the same way with my social life.

Before this era Monica has grown up to be a talkative in town. Every neighbors in the Baracks will have heard about me, going from one neighbors house to the other. I was that brilliant smart kid that always engage in adult chats maturely with my teenage body. My dad often made reference that I am his mother incarnate that was why I could engage in such conversation and give surprising answers to their questions.

I have been a very social person from childhood, someone other kids lookup to. Started reading in church at age 7, by then I already mastered stage fright and how to stand before people. Been an Idoma dancer, my uncle was a singer and drummer, hence we entertain people during cultural celebrations.
My Uncle will beat drum and sing while I join the other female dancers for our Idoma cultural dance. Sometimes I engage in cultural dance choreography alone There was no boring moment for me.

In school I wasn't a hidden figure, my intelligence made way for me attracting both teachers and pupils to wanna be friends with me. Most times my appearance present me to be a very quiet person but remarkable achievements in between always bring me forward to positions where people will want to relate with me.
In any school competitions, games and all of such activities I won't be found missing, that was how I broke my leg playing football in Junior class 😆😂.

Another thing we were used to was tales by moonlight stories in the night it was a meeting point for children and a one good height for social activities. The elderly women in the Baracks tells us different stories especially during Hot weather's where everyone is forced to sleep outside. We often formed strong bond during midnight play.
Hence living without social media will take me back to this kind of life. Maybe not exactly thesame but it will push me to start visiting friends in their homes rather than chatting over the phone.

Social Media took one thing away from us and replaced it with another. Social life online and offline are both irreplaceable I must confess. Without social media I will live just as fine.
There are a thousand and one social activities we can do outside of social media. Visiting friends, watching movies together, playing hide and seek any other you may think of. This is a social physical bonding that is more stronger than the one online. We meet more genuine people and talk better. But in cases where hooking up is not possible social media has helped to bridge the gap.

We could chat over the phone and see each other on Camera but the fulfilment can never be as much as when we meet for in love friendship and togetherness.


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Been social is all about meeting people, relating well and making quality friends. This has been thesame for years, the only thing that has changed is the manner of such meetups and activities.
Hence social media will not make any notable change in my life and social activities. I will live just fine with or without it.

Another important aspect of social media is the financial aspect, this is one good thing we cannot overlook. There are huge financial privileges on social media, you can monetize virtually everything you do. My financial life will be affected without social media and some career path and aspect of blogging will never exist. Nevertheless I might just survive doing any other job even if the earnings are not comparable.

Thank you for every comments and engagement here 🤗🥳


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 3 months ago  

Social media has done great good but I know I'll adapt quite well in the absence of it. There's so much more to do without it.
Take it away and people would still be creative and carve out fun from their physical environment

 3 months ago  

Exactly my point.
I'm glad that you agree with me on this.

 3 months ago  

Naturally humans are even made to adapt, if social media should for some reason be unavailable, people would adapt to the new system, yes alot would be affected, but people will adapt.

I take social media breaks regularly so i know i'll be fine without it

 3 months ago  

Exactly, I do take a lot of such breaks for my mental health.
Thanks for stopping by.

Well, maybe some of us would adapt really well without social media, at some point, social media is a form of distraction, but sincerely, with or without social media, we moveeeee

 3 months ago  


We moveeeeeeeeeee 🤸🤸🤸🤸

 3 months ago  

😃😃 something caught my attention in your post... So you also play football, that's amazing, I love to see female who do Sport, especially football... Though I doubt if you can still play.