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RE: How to Easily Reduce the MB Size of Images on Your Phone Without Hurting Quality and the Importance of Doing This

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That's right, @phortun, I'm back, baby!
I came back last week after meaning to come back for months. Damn.

I came to your blog but haven't made a comment yet, I should soon, I've seen all the cool things going on. How're you doing, man?


I know you stopped by my blog, that´s how I noticed you are back :) Well, all good here... Got married, baby on the way, looking for some gigs to survive as Hive still hasn´t mooned :D :/ How about you? How is your book selling?

Wow, look at you, a lot has happened for you. Congratulations, bro!

I'm cool. I've been working some job all year. My book hasn't sold much this year. Hopefully things would change later.

I'm wishing you all the best, man.

Thanks mate! Glad to know that you have been able to make ends meet somehow. I hate to say that but it seems that fulltime Hiving is not an option for me anymore. Much more real life expenses with all the news and changes but still deep in the alt bear market. Not a good combo :D :/

I perfectly understand. Not a good combo at all. I'm glad to know you've got some other thing to do outside hive too. Hopefully hive would come through in future, we just gotta do what we gotta do for now.