I will be more productive with this particular robot.

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Technology keeps evolving, and humans have been blessed with some inventions that are of great help in improving the well-being of individuals.


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become rampant in our world today, and while some people are trying hard to update themselves in terms of learning skills to remain relevant in society and maintain their jobs, others are already losing their jobs to this AI. One of my European friends told me the other time that within their city, there are already robots serving people food in restaurants. Yes, it's possible, and there are still lots of things the robots can do. I see a future in robotics, as we explore the world of AI, To me, I wouldn't tag it laziness for humans; I can only see it as a way to allow us to have time to do other work.

So if I were to design a robot for my special desire, that would be a robot to assist me in all manner of chores at home, ranging from cleaning to assisting me with kitchen chores, but no, this robot wouldn't cook for me. I feel that it doesn't have the capacity to give me tasteful food. I will prefer to manually cook with my hands, but yes, the robot can be my support engine in the kitchen, making my job easier.

You will agree with me that being a homemaker isn't a joke. It comes with lots of tasks to achieve almost at the same time, and that's why you will see most women practicing multitasking at some point in their lives.
Recently, my husband insisted on me preparing fresh food daily rather than cooking varieties of soups and stews and having them preserved in the freezer for the week. This decision by him has so much affected my productivity in other areas of my life, which doesn't suit me well. Imagine spending more time in the kitchen daily, plus cleaning the house, washing dishes, bathrooms, mopping, doing laundry, attending to kids—oh my goodness, it's kind of overwhelming, and coming back to do my other activities to make money for a healthy lifestyle too makes the task so tedious.

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Without thinking hard about the kind of robot I would design, it's simply the type to assist me in making sure that my entire home is sparkling, and whatever assistance I need to make a meal, this gentle robot will be there for me. With this, I will be more productive. I will have more time to attend to my family instead of getting overwhelmed with chores. I will gladly jump into this kind of robot whenever it is practically available, but for now, this is just my imagination and a choice of robotic design.

In what form would I create this robot?

I will design something simple. A robot very similar to a human, with human features as well. I will make the best design that would be more efficient if possible, soft like a human, and friendly, haha. I am getting lost in my imagination here. Until then, I will keep multitasking, doing my chores manually, and anticipating the arrival of this desired robot someday in the future.

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Thanks for reading!!

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 3 months ago  

Thank you so much for the curation

Ahhhhn! I just came in to make my post and discovered that you also talked about the same thing. Women are really going through alot at home.
God is your strength dear. Your husband no try ohh. But just manage.

 3 months ago  

Indeed my dear...a robot like this can ease the stress..I gat to manage oo 😂
Thanks for reading sis 🥰

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This is the second time I will be coming across the idea of this kind of robot and both write up are written by women, it seems your gender feels burdened by the responsibility of performing house chores. I understand, especially when children are also involved doing all the house chores can be tasking.

But you people kept mentioning a robot with human features, never😅. That will confirm the theory that says when robot are capable of imitating humans that will be the end of humans civilisation😂.

 3 months ago  

Hahaha 😂😂🤣
Leave me and my gender alone oo 😂🤣
Allow us to get lost in imagination 😂
All will be possible.


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Realmente, tarefas domesticas consome bastante tempo e energia. E para pensar em robo que te substituia ou te ajude nessa empreita é porque você deve ser uma excelente dona de casa e cuidadora dos filhos.

Parabéns pelo excelente post!

 3 months ago (edited) 

Indeed my friend, thank you so much for taking your time to translate and read my entry

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The kind of robot, I would create if I have the power

 3 months ago  

Nice to hear

 3 months ago  

You'd surely need one since you're a mother. House chores and caring for the whole house isn't a mere task, I can't imagine multitasking at same time; the highest I've done yet is preparing stew, cooking rice on another gas and trying to participate in an online meeting at same time. I'm sure you do more than these😅😅.

Yeah, it is better to cook yourself else the food might taste robotic

 3 months ago  

Hahaha 😂😂🤣
Your own multitasking get low level..lol
You got the point, the food night just taste robotic indeed 😂

Robot can be helpful
I hope that community service wont died after the full adoption of artificial intelligence

 3 months ago  

Hahaha 😂😂
I hope so too
Humans just craving for assistance by all means

 3 months ago  

It is exactly the same, we have also seen such robots that are serving food inside hotels and this technology is good, it will be beneficial that the cost of labor will also be saved for the owner and that work will also be quick. It will happen and more people will come to see such technology, then the chances of business success will also increase.

Please don't make a robot that would turn into your second wife in the house, oh!

 3 months ago  

The reason why people will lose their jobs to AI is when they solely depend on the Artificial Intelligence for everything without doing something. This is called laziness. Now look at you, while the robot is helping in some areas, you will be doing yours and at the end of the day, the work becomes easier. Even though we have technology to do things for us easily, we still need to do our own quota because not everything this robot will do to our satisfaction. Can it make a good meal which tastes better for us? No. So, we need to be wise too with these stuff.