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RE: [ENG|ESP] My Goal for the next 3 months on Hive | Mi Meta para los próximos 3 meses en Hive

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Wow... It's like I've met a doctor already..
I love what I read, I would really want to have some more knowledge about the sea water and what it has to do with we humans...
Is this really a course of study itself?
I mean did you study seawater particularly and it's effect to life or it's part of a whole that you're studying maybe a part of medicals or human anatomy?
I would really loved to know more, I guess following you up now shouldn't be an option, I would love to be your friend if you wouldn't mind please 🙏🙏💙

 3 months ago (edited) 

Yes Oven Sunday, the doctor is in the house!
He is a veterinarian, but we are all anymals anyway ;)
See part of our history at

And an academic paper I wrote about actual seawater drinkers at
Then we can talk deeper about the implications and other interesting facts.