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Few days ago, I was at this store trying to buy something and then this kid walks in and asked the store owner if she sells cane. One look at the young girl dressed in a school uniform and I immediately knew she wasn't the one who was about to get flogged. You could always tell from the expression on their faces when they're getting the cane.

Makes me remember back in high school when my school had demons for teachers. People who will let out their frustration on us and flog the living daylight out of us just simply because we didn't do an assignment or follow the proper instructions.

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

One time this teacher flogged this male student and he fainted. She had thought he was faking it and had hit him with the cane one last time before she realized what was happening. She had immediately called for help and luckily they had revived him and then gave him some food before sending him home.

I still remember that day like the back of my palm because I had wished I knew how to faint just like that guy because I don't, and trust me when I say I've tried because I have. I just don't know how to. Do I cease my breath or do people who faint breath while they're unconscious?

I've asked myself this question and many more during my practice on how to perfect my fainting but I'm just not getting any answers. For those of you wondering why I had wanted to learn how to faint back in high school, it was for the same reason why that other guy fainted, to avoid getting flogged and if I'm lucky enough, I might get a plate of rice before being sent home to rest.
But it never happened to me, and believe me when I say I was flogged a lot, I just couldn't faint and it sucked because I really wanted to teach those demonic mentally unstable teachers some lessons.

I feel like one thing schools should do before employing teachers is check their mental health because some of this people are crazy people who dress perfectly fine, because why on earth will you ask a kid to stand up and place their head on their desk just so that you can flog them on their back with your cane.

Thinking about all of that now is starting to piss me off because it seems like I still have some scores to settle with some of my high school teachers and maybe if I see them in the future, I might get a revenge or two because I still have a scar on my back that has refused to leave just because some female teacher was campaigning to be the second in command in hell so she decided to show lucifer how heartless she can be by flogging me with all of her straight on my back.

Parents really have to speak up because some of this teachers won't stop until they finally go overboard and cause a huge harm to a kid some day.

 2 months ago  

Not just you, we all have scores to settle with the different sadists that paraded as teachers, all out to terrorize little children with pain.
I wish I could get them back. 😐

 2 months ago  

You still can, you just have to find them first 😂

 2 months ago  

God willing.