It Always happens in a flash

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Some few years ago, my mom had walked into the house from work and began to tell me a story of someone who just got knocked down and killed by a vehicle on the highway on her way back home. According to the story from my mom, the lady who got killed had escorted a friend who visited her and on her way back home, she got knocked down and killed.

When she told me about that story, my reaction was indifferent because I didn't know the lady in question personally, but if there was one thing I did take note of, it's was the fact about how fast we all could easily lose our lives within a second. I'm pretty sure the person she had escorted won't believe it when they're told that their friend who they just saw about a minute ago was now dead.

Why am I talking about this today?

Photo by Valentin Petkov

Well myself and some few friends had decided to go out for a little swim today. As someone who doesn't know how to swim, I had given myself two options, it was either I got into the pool and stayed at the shallow part of the pool or not get in the pool at all.

When we got there, I ended up going for the latter and decided not to get into the pool but one of my friends (who also desnt know how to swim) did and although he had initially stayed at the shallow part of the pool, he decided to dare himself and went a little bit further into the pool, into the deeper part and before we could tell what was happening, he began to drown.

At first we all were laughing at him because he had the swim ring around him and we had thought he was putting on an act (I also was videoing the whole thing), the moment I realized he was being serious, I immediately placed down my phone and called out to another of our friend (the one person who could actually swim amongst us) to help him. And luckily for us, that friend was fast enough to get into the pool before anything tragic could happen.

I remember immediately getting a sit to rest on the moment the whole thing was over because although I wasn't the one who just had a near death experience, the fact it happened to someone I knew made it a lot more realistic than it would have if that had happened to a stranger.

At the end of the day, we all were on our way home laughing about the whole thing but I'm very sure that at the back of our minds, we all knew how badly that whole thing would have ended if there wasn't someone there to save the day.

 3 months ago  

Firstly I think it was not a wise idea to go to pool with only one friend who can swim. Because danger can happen anytime.
I think the situation might be different if something happened to your friend. You might crying instead of laughing. He came from near the Death.

 3 months ago  

Yeah I know that.. That was the same thing I was saying that this whole situation could easily had turned into something very tragic and sad. Thank God it didn't.

 3 months ago  

That’s crazy
Well, there are times when we should act fast instead of taking videos. I’m glad he was rescued though cos the story would have been another thing entirely

 3 months ago  

Yeah, we thank God.