Looking beyond the pictures of UNCOMAA- USA HALL

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Pictures are worth more than a thousand words indeed and this is because most pictures holds greater explanation than what just meets the eyes.

Taking pictures isn't an easy task for me, maybe it's because I am not that much of the camera type , but then, for this prompt, I've got to get something up there.

I thought deep about what exactly to snap and there were a lot of options but then, I needed to get a picture of what connects immensely to my daily activities and that's no other picture other than this:


Yep, it's as you thought...
This is the picture of my classroom, the citadel of learning and the citadel where we are formed.

About The Picture

Following the relocation of the final year medical students to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Nigeria, there was no class at all and even the only available one that was used by the Resident doctors could not contain the final year medical students.

This brought about the constant clash of schedule between the Resident doctors and students' leading to the plea by the University administration to the Alumninaries of the faculty to come to the aid of their Junior colleagues, they answered and then that brought about the building you see in the picture and was commissioned in March, 2013.


This is the reason why the classroom is named after them, UNCOMAA-USA which means University of Nigeria College of Medicine Alumni Association, USA branch.

It's decorated with pillar to pillar speakers and projectors with projector screens to make learning easier by audiovisual means.

More importantly, it's a classroom that has a quality Inverter battery helping us study even amidst shortage of power supplies by providing us with electricity.

It's also the venue for all our written examinations, lol.

What UNCOMAA-USA Hall Means To Me

Just as what the hoe means to a farmer, so does this class mean to me.
It's a place I have to visit almost all year round as everything dealing with my formative stage in my chosen career gets more intense from there.

This classroom isn't just a classroom to us but then, it signifies a rank in our school. This is a classroom you could only use when you've entered the clinical classes so to say that you can be a medical student and yet can't access this class until you reach a certain level in your training and that's the clinical classes.

The good thing about reaching the clinical classes is that it's a point in your training where you can't be withdrawn again from your medical training... It's just a matter of time before you become the doctor you so much desire.

How Important Could UNCOMAA-USA Hall Be To Me

At the end, it's the last place I'll also bid farewell signifying the end of my undergraduate training; this is because this same classroom is also the venue for our induction and oath taking into the medical profession.
It's the last place we long to visit last for this purpose.

What do you think about the classroom?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead

 2 months ago  

Pictures means so much to lots of individuals. Most people take pictures for the sake of just finding meaning and recollecting memories of it. The classroom looks so big and beautiful 😍 so far there is an inverter in here, it would make students motivated to study at night especially when there are no noises around.

 2 months ago  

Yes, a greater Percentage of pictures taken are for memories.

The classroom looks so big and beautiful

Thanks... The inverter is really helping us a lot and also the classroom is built in a little distance from hostel but the noise from hostel doesn't get there so it's always quiet and perfect for studies.

 2 months ago  

That's great and helpful for students.

 2 months ago  

You sure this your classroom is in Nigeria 😂. Don't mind me oooh, the only thing I'm seeing is how fine it is

 2 months ago  

If there is anything UNN pass, it's building beautiful classrooms
Thanks for the compliment

 2 months ago  

The interior is inviting. You won't believe what I thought when I saw the image, I didn't know it was a building situated in our very own country untill I saw the location. Hahahaha. it's such a beautiful class room and it's one that worth the standard you ranked it.

 2 months ago  

Yep, the interior is simple but flashy.
They tried in the building, I give them their flowers

 2 months ago  

This classroom is simply top-notch. I bet you, if this what the university lecture theatre in Nigeria looks like, who will complain that we don't have government.
Well the picture for you send another message, for me, it is one that shows that we can do better if we desire.

 2 months ago  

. I bet you, if this what the university lecture theatre in Nigeria looks like, who will complain that we don't have government.

It's actually in Nigeria oh😅, you didn't read through

It's my lecture theatre at College of Medicine, UNTH, Enugu State, hehehe.
Indeed, we can do better no doubt
Thanks for reading

 2 months ago  

If only I didn't read the post so I'll believe that my student has gone to a lecture in the USA then I'll ask him to take me along next time 🥺

The hall is so beautiful, I wonder if the outside is as beautiful as it is inside to complete the USA look 😅

 2 months ago  

My mentor with the vibes

The hall is so beautiful, I wonder if the outside is as beautiful as it is inside to complete the USA look 😅

That's some dark joke up there😅😅
I chose not to answer before you expose my beautiful school
Make we use the inside Dy manage first 😅😅

Thanks for coming around

 2 months ago  

I didn't mean to

 2 months ago  


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When are you get your Doctor title, @sperosamuel15! Nice pictures!


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