Should Business and Love Co-exist?

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It's a beautiful week already and I am wishing us all a fruitful week ahead...
Now let's get down to the business of the day,

Business and Love

Often times, we hear people say we shouldn't do business with our friends, families and relatives invariably trying to paint the picture that we shouldn't do business with the people we love; some will also go to the extent of saying you shouldn't also borrow these set of people any amount of money you're not willing to let go because most times paying back becomes a problem and when it's an amount you can't forgo, might lead to the destruction of the good relationship and friendship you've built with them.

Love is a very great thing and love on its own comes with a lot of sacrifices which we shouldn't think too deep before making the sacrifices because when we do might defeat the whole purpose (not trying to say we should be stupid in love either, lol).

Business on its own should be strictly taken as such with the sole aim of making profit and sustaining the business which might be defeated when we constantly place emotions in it.

Personally, I've done business before when I was in 4th year and that was when I had a first-hand experience of what love could do to business.

At that time, my friends will come to get books from me, (I sold books) and even despite knowing that my prices were cheaper than the school's prices still wanted to take a cut from my stipulated prices.

I won't say it's a decision that didn't affect me as sometimes I couldn't make up to the expected profit I already envisaged but then, the friendship got stronger (you can't have it all I guess, lol)

If placed in a position to make such a decision again, I really don't know what to say but then, I feel there are some factors that will influence my decision about that;

  • Who's in question?:

A major decision about what will happen will be who exactly is in question.
I can easily make the same mistake again for a family member of mine more than I will for my friend or partner trying to say it all depends on how strong the bond I have the person is that will influence that decision.

  • How much in question?:

Here is another factor to consider. How much are we even talking about, lol because honestly even when I did business, I can't give you a discount that will get below my cost price for any reason.

For every decision I want to make, it will be with the mindset of losing the profits I would have made rather than actually selling below the cost price, c'mon, that's like gifting the item to you😂.

Business and love are important aspects of our human life that ought to be separated for each of them to get to the apex but then, it's life and their ought to be a balance.


Sometimes, sacrifices might be made and the good thing is that so far the friendship remains intact, there will always be somewhere else for you to level up against the profits you lost for the sake of love.

Back to the question of the title,
Yes, I believe business and love should co-exist.

What about you?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

 2 months ago  

That's life for you, some people can be self centered as they just want to get all to themselves. Defining our operations will certainly help us stay out of trouble with people in business. Nice reading from you

 2 months ago  

Exactly, most times defining your terms in business will certainly go a long way in helping you because when you fail to do that and people define the terms for you, it gets harder since you'll be inconsistent with what you want

 2 months ago  

Business and love are two important things truly and the boundary mustn't be crossed. I understand the part of making sacrifices and if that continues, a day will come when there won't be a product or resources to make the sacrifice so it's important to keep the lines.

If I want to helps, I can do that from my pursue and it's never going to affect my business.

 2 months ago  

No doubt, I get your point.
Offering help to the point where there is nothing, no product to even offer the help again will certainly be a reality of things get out of hands

Demarcation must exist but the thing is that sometimes in life, setting out that clear line is often difficult especially when the person in question is a close acquaintance

 2 months ago  

LOl! Well, I don't think business and love should coexist because your business will certainly be affected along the line but then, we can't help this thing🤣 even if you are the devil, there are days you would be carried away by your emotions and you would make decisions that would definitely make affect your business.

 2 months ago  

Exactly guy... We just can't help it
Maybe setting line will help you prevent it for two or three times but definitely, a very close acquaintance will come by and what happens on that day becomes even shocking to you that felt like you already drew your line

 2 months ago  

There's nothing bad in you helping your friend with your business, but believe me there must be a boundaries because not everyone you can help with it. If you are broke you are on your own.

 2 months ago  

Omo... When you get broke, they will even be the ones to say you are not good with managing resources and use you as examples 😂
But there ought to be a balance anyway, that's just my point

 2 months ago  

Once love is involved, the whole aim for starting a business might not not be achieved. Business should be done without letting love come in the way.

 2 months ago  

But can you get love entirely out of business?
Infact, sometimes, even when your loved ones don't patronise you, you will be the one to complain and when they do and don't even request something, you will extend your merciful hands so it's just not two separate things that can exist individually, I think

 2 months ago  

Well, with your opinion, one should lay their ground well and define their business to avoid stories that touch later. One could actually balance both together and be focused on not allowing their emotions for friends or families to take over their business.

 2 months ago  

No doubt, defining your goals and boundaries should definitely be the very first step even before celebrating the shop opening.
That's very correct....thanks for reading

 2 months ago  

You are welcome, Samuel



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 2 months ago  

Business is business. Mingling it with other things will destroy the entire business sphere. Thanks for sharing

 2 months ago  

That's true though