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Welcome to the first tutorial from the Newbies Initiative. In this post, I would be talking about Goal setting. This is very important to plan your direction on where you want to be on Hive; giving yourself a direction and not to get lost along the way. There is a saying that:

"If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. - Lawerence J. Peter

This is why it is very important for the newbies to define their goals on Hive and how they plan to achieve it. This, most especially, has helped me grow steadily on Hive because I know what I want, I have a direction which I have to follow and remain consistent to.

There are different goals which one can set for Hive depending on why you are on Hive but for the newbies Initiative, we would be focused on setting goals that are streamlined to the growth of the newbies; Hive Power, Communities and Engagement.


Before we go into the proper goal planning, we need to know that making goals needs to be intentional and not to be seen as something casual. It means it has to be something you need to keep reminding yourself and seeing everyday as an opportunity to work towards that goal.

It is not something you set down only for the purpose of making them. You must first have to ask yourself if you truly want to be where you want to be after a particular period of time, then you need to have created a vision of what you want and where you want to be, most especially the sacrifice that is needed to make it possible, then ask yourself What do I need to make this possible?

There is a popular acronym for making goals which is the SMART GOALS i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. So when you are trying to make goals for Hive, you need to be specific on what you want, and no being vague when making your goals.

Specific: What exactly is the goal, what do you want to be.
Measurable: What process do you need to take to achieve this goal.
Attainable: It has to be something possible for you to achieve.
Relevant: It has to be something you really desire to achieve.
Time Bound: You have to set a period of time to achieve this goal. for this case, i.e. it is in 3 months.


In this section, I would talk about the goals I have made on Hive and how much it relates to having them being SMART. Here are my goals below:

My Goals on Hive is to become a whale on Hive

Note: This Goal isn't SMART because it does not follow the term being specific, realistic, give any time bound or show any process to make this possible. What if I now say that;

My Goals on Hive for the Next 3 months is to grow my account to be very Big.

NOTE: Now this goal has a time-bound i.e. 3 months but yet it is not specific on how much I want to grow my account. It doesn't even show the process attached to making it possible, so this goal is not SMART. WHAT IF I NOW SAY:

My Goals on Hive for the next 3 months is to attain a Hive Power of 15k HP.

NOTE: Now, this goal is more specific, it shows what I want but yet, it is not a SMART GOAL even though it has a time bound. The reason is because it is not measurable; it doesn't show the process on how I want to achieve this goal. It is just like a mere statement and would definitely, be something I would not achieve. WHAT IF I NOW SAY:

My Goals on Hive for the next 3 months is to attain a Hive Power of 15k HP in which I would achieve this goal by curating contents more often, publishing quality contents regularly at least 3 times a week, engaging with other authors, and partaking in Community activities; i.e. contest. This is possible for me because I am presently in 13k HP and I earn about an average of 50 HP (Author rewards) and 25 HP (Curation rewards) a week, which in 3 months, I can earn 900 Hive and Power UP some of my Author rewards (from HBD to Hive) to make this goal possible.

NOTE: Now this goal is specific, measurable, and attainable because it shows the process of how I want to achieve my goals of 15k HP in 3 months. This is what they call definition of a SMART goal.

Other goals in which you can make is your amount of followers and this depends on how well you engage within communities. Other might makes goals to increase their post earnings, that also depends on how active they are within communities.

It is important to find an active communities in which relates to the kind of contents you post because generally, your growth on Hive depends on the community you are most focus in. If you choose.


Before any task is given I would like to address every question the newbies would have on this tutorial. So for this, there would be a discord meeting held on the SMILE DISCORD SERVER on Sunday, 13 2022, 6pm GMT where all newbies can bring their questions and paste it in the #help-chat channel which I would provide answers to them via voice or can be pasted in the comments of this post as well.

After the Discord Meeting on Sunday, A task would be given and then be published on the @newbies-hive account with a video of what took place in the meeting. Please do well to bring in your Hive questions in the meeting.

Note: The meeting is not compulsory, but a medium to better communicate with the newbies of the initiative and to answer their questions.



Starstrings01 AKA Giftedhands is a Hive lover, a Nigeria musician (Guitarist) and also a student who studies Mechatronics Engineering in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

His goal on Hive is to be more than a regular blogger but something more; someone with a purpose. That’s one of the reasons why he founded the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Kindly click here to follow @newbies-hive curation trail.

He battles and struggles with balancing education and being active on the chain but yet his love and passion for Hive keeps him on balance.

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 2 years ago  

after reading all the contents of this post, previously I only had a target when following this beginner's initiative to increase hive power 1k, without thinking about what steps I would take to achieve that, but now I think a little to open a new mind, every goal we want to achieve achieve there must be a time how long we will achieve it and what steps will we take to achieve it, after reaching what is the next step we must take for our next goal, this article really opened my mind to keep thinking about what I will do to achieve the goal I,

Exactly man.. you get the whole point. I am glad about this

 2 years ago  

thanks very much

 2 years ago  

This is amazing, I have allot of amendment to make then
Especially in applying the SMART Formula...I ones set my goals while starting up earlier on Hive but I didn't follow through because it wasn't really aligning with the SMART Formula
I'll have to Craft out this and reapply
Thanks allot for sharing
Looking forward to Sunday already

Wish you more academic success bro
@khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Yeah... I am glad that this post is helpful. I would love to read the goal you make after the task is given. Anticipating to see you on Sunday!

 2 years ago  

Really Really helpful
It will be a pleasure on Sunday😇😇

 2 years ago  

This is exceptional, and I've got a huge value from it, for instance I've set goal for the year, and always do a month check to see how far I've progress, but reading through your post, I realize I've a long way to go in being SMART with my goals.

Thanks once again, I look forward to the meeting on Sunday.

I am glad this post made you realize how much you need to SMART up your goals. I am happy to help anytime.

 2 years ago (edited) 

Goal setting is one thing I have never thought of since I joined Hive few months ago 🤦.

Thank you for bringing this quality info to our table today. I should do the needful... Always much appreciated 👍

It's important to make a plan it gives you a direction to get what you want. Ask yourself what you want and also the purpose why you joined Hive.

 2 years ago  

Aiit 🤗
Thank you 👍

 2 years ago  

Thanks to you I will sketch out my goals on hive today, it’s obvious I’ve been doing this the wrong way.
Also I look forward to your meeting on Sunday, I hope it is applicable to me too because I have a few troubles and it’ll be nice for them to be broken down by experienced Hivers.

Everyone is accepted to the meeting on Sunday. I would be expecting your questions.. 😁

 2 years ago  


 2 years ago  

Please what time will it be?

 2 years ago  

According to this post, it is 6pm GMT

 2 years ago  

Okay, thank you so much.

 2 years ago  

You are welcome dear

That's 7pm Nigerian time @hopestylist

 2 years ago  

Okay, thank you for this.

 2 years ago  

I've always shyed away from setting goals, on hive and in my life as a whole and I must say it has really affected my growth. Setting goals really helps push you, especially if they're realistic and SMARTly set.

Joining this initiative was me giving my self that leap and I'm ready to do what it takes to remain consistent, set goals and work towards achieving them as well as grow but here on Hive and in real life.

Thank you so much for this amazing post, was really helpful ❤️

Yeah, take the leap brother, if we change something about ourselves then things about our lives would surely change too.

 2 years ago  

Setting goals is really very hard for me but with this beautiful and educating outline I should be able to set one that will work for me.
Thank you so much @starstrings01 for this write up it means a lot to us especially me.

I hope I don't get carried away again, please I'll love it if we the newbies and given feedback after each post we make.

Hmm, definitely... You are part of the initiative right. If so, there is a channel provided for all Newbies to share their posts in the smile discord server.

I'm a newbie, I just signed up to Hive today and this is actually the very first post I'm reading and I must say it's totally worth it. I've read through and I'll definitely adopt the SMART initiative to set my goals and work towards growing.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece, at least this would be a guide as I navigate through

That's great. Good to have you on hive. If you have any questions relating hive, feel free not to hesitate to meet me. Would be readily available to answer them.

I did not get this during my period na... 😩. This set of Newbies are really lucky. Anyway, I have taken my own piece with me.

Smiles, it's open for everyone to learn. The thing is I was quite occupied with school during your time so it was tough for me to seat and compile a post. I had school in worries. All thanks to the ASUU strike now.

I'm sure this set would do well. You're really a superman.

Smiles... Hopefully I become superman one day.

Lovely! This is a very nice one. This should give people direction and commitment at least and that's very great. Little goals drop the weight off one's shoulders and helps them see how easily achievable a goal is.

Yeah exactly man. That's the point.

 2 years ago  

After reading this I'm beginning to think that I haven't made the right goals. My goal then was to grow my account on hive but I didn't set a specific time and how long it's going to be.

It means my goal is not smart and not specific and at the same time not attainable.

I understand now how to set my goals on hive thanks to your post. I'm sure I can also do that with your help and those around me.

I really appreciate you writing this post.

Yeah exactly, you would have to do that. In fact, it would be part of your coming task.

 2 years ago  

Okay I will do just that.
Thank you

 2 years ago  

I must admit that I joined hive with basically no goal after reading this. There is a lot I was unaware plans to achieve most goals. They were just imaginations. This post is an eye opener and fully detailed with questions left for me to answer
I am taking my time to answer this questions and developing an achieve plan with the S.M.A.R.T idea. I am very sure this would work and turn out well for me

Yeah you should take your time. It's normal for Newbies to come in here with no plans of what they want to be doing here that's why they get lost in the way.

That's why I made this post the first tutorial for all newbies to take.

Always keep the SMART plan in mind when making your goals.

 2 years ago  

This post is so insightful and an eye opener. it not just about setting up a goal but having a time limit to it, this way, you'll do all it takes to achieve whatever goal it is before the time frame because no one wants to be a failure after-all.
well penned @starstrings01
thanks for putting all of this together, I'm thrilled.

 2 years ago  

You have said it right , one needs to have a set goal, if one wants to achieve greatly, looking forward to the meeting,
Our light issue in my area hasn't let me to be online lately

Nigeria and light issues. Na only God fit save us like this. That’s why they call them NEPA: Never Expect Power Always. I hope to see you today at the meeting. In Nigerian time, it is 7pm.

 2 years ago  

Hehehehe yea thanks so much. I will try to be there hopefully the NEPA coporate

Good day, uhm the link to the discord redirects me to this post, can I get a link as a reply here?


Click on it again, it should work this time.

 2 years ago  

This is great. I have learned a lot through your post. Now, I need to make sure to set a goal which I can see so important to me. I need to also build up my followers by dishing out quality contents.

I will make sure to attend the meeting comes Sunday...

Nice one there, you want to build your followers and you mentioned how you planned doing that. Keep following the process and you would see how far you can reach up to.

 2 years ago  

This is a really great post, I have been able to get something very important.
Hence from this very brief discussion about goal setting, I will therefore work on setting my goal and try as much as possible to achieve them within a given period.
A big shout out to @starstrings01 for this wonderful piece.

Smiles, thank you very much man. Make sure you keep your goals as attainable as possible. Hope you would be present at the meeting today so we can discuss about goal settings.

 2 years ago  

Definitely Boss.
I cannot miss such a meeting for anything in the world.
Thanks for this sir.

Lol. Funny 😅😂. Okay boss

 2 years ago  

The show time is finally here! 😎😎

A way I've anticipated so much. Thanks for the privilege @starstrings01 and to team @newbies-hive

The Action begins!!! Hope to see you in the meeting today boss man.

 2 years ago  

Sure sir.. I will be there.

 2 years ago  

😊Thank you very much for sharing this. A helpful and thoughtful insight.
Looking forward to more on Sunday 💜

Would be anticipating to have you on Sunday. Glad my article was helpful.

 2 years ago  

Oh my! With what I have read hear, it seems I will have to re-write all my goals to make it more realistic amd achievable. The SMART topic is obviously going to help me and other newbies in not just setting goals but in other aspect of our respective live.

Hmm. Yeah I see Hive as Live itself. What ever you learn on Hive, it is applicable to real life. It just gives us access to learn the lives of other people.

 2 years ago  

Very good article. After I read it, my mind is now open to think about the goals that I will achieve.

I am glad about this. Thanks for reading through

 2 years ago  

Goal setting is very important when it comes to achieving greater height. It involves critical thinking, planning and a growth chart.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

A very educative post, brother. Much love😍

Hmm you are right brother. A goal chat, and critical thinking you say. Thanks bro!

Wow, amazing broo

Thanks boss.

 2 years ago  

This post has actually impacted knowledge in me.
I have been on the hive platform for some time now but I think all the goals I have set are not attainable, imagine dreaming of 5k HP when I have not seen even 100HP.
Thanks @starstring01

Smiles, I also dreamt of 5k HP but to achieve that, you have to make smaller goals. As they say, little drops of water forms an ocean.

 2 years ago  

Hmm, this set are going to learn a lot from what I'm seeing here. You've even given them a template to set their goals. During my time I went to go and set goals that I couldn't achieve 😂.

I had to make that template because I know most of the newbies would make goals that are unrealistic. I had learnt that from the previous set and knew this topic would need to be treated and I am glad that it was worth writing down.

I mean, I’ve set goals, but I realize now, they haven’t been smart. I almost set vague goals, missing a lot of detail. I am specific with the goals, I just mostly don’t factor in a time period. Maybe this will help streamline my goal setting and increase the chance of me actually achieving set goals.

Hmm... Yeah, that is what people miss out when they set goals. Giving themselves a time period of when they want to achieve their goals. I am glad this post has come helpful to you.

 2 years ago  

Too bad @starstrings01, I hadn't had a chance to read this post, and realized I missed the meeting. Well maybe it wouldn't have been very productive for me because I speak Spanish. But recently I had thought about writing down my action plan to improve Hive and try to follow it, because I think I've been making very slow progress because I haven't followed any plan and as you say, I've just left it to chance. I am very excited about this initiative 😊.

 2 years ago  

Yes that's right. with a goal, our path will be directed. Thank you for the knowledge given.

Yeah, direction keeps you from getting lost along the way.

 2 years ago  

very good direction for me as a new beginner I really agree with what you give
good luck to all of us

Good luck to you brother!

 last year  

Wow, this is mind blowing I know of goals but I never thought of the process involve, I really need to wake- up.

Now, you have gotten to see the process involved and I am glad. I believe you would set better goals from now!

Your post help me a lot in setting the goals for next 3 months. Thanks for describing in depth.

 2 years ago  

This is really good. Before now, I just come post a content and leave. No engagement of any kind from my end. It was just all about earning for me. I have followed you for a while now and you have made me see other than that. Now I have to rewrite my goals. Thank you teacher

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 2 years ago (edited) 

@starstrings01 i didn't partake In the initiative because I wasn't aware. But I have been going through this community from time to time and I will confess that I have learnt a lot.
Can oldbies who are yet to be acquainted to the do's and don't's join next time?

We have plans on that, it is a topic we plan treating in two weeks time.. that's the next tutorial after this.

 last year  

Wow....this is a great and practical step to setting my goals, not only on Hive but also on other areas of life too.

I learnt a wonderful new thing today on how to set a SMART goal. This is the real smart move 😊

Thanks so much for this wonderful lecture Sir. It's well appreciated.

You are welcome. I am glad the article was helpful!

 last year  

I really can't wait for this to begin. You've helped me define my smart goals and I think I'm ready to write them down and achieve it. My goals have never been specific but all that is about to change, thank you @starstrings01, this was very insightful.

I am glad my article was helpful... I believe it would help you set better goals, and attain it.

 last year  

I appreciate this post so much because as a newbie I haven't set any goals yet on Hive, but right now this post has changed my orientation.
I have already known how to set my goals by using the 'Smart goals ' code. I will focus more on curating a lot of quality content and my engagement in community activities will be top-notch.

I will make sure I apply the SMART GOALS code often and often and I hope at the end of each month I meet up with the goals.

 11 months ago  

Gracias por esta iniciativa. Habrá algún soporte para los hispanohablantes en la reunión del domingo para las dudas?

We are sending you HUESO tokens to appreciate your work and the effort you make to share your content with us.

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 5 months ago  

Thank you so much for this wonderful article thanks for the formular i will definitely use that formula

 5 months ago  

I love this write up , goal settings has really played many roles in my activities on hive , even in real life, I like settings goal , to be it means "you have to know what you are doing " thank you so much for this post mr starstrings

 2 years ago  Reveal Comment

Yeah and state out the process on how you plan to achieve those goals.

 2 years ago  Reveal Comment