Fix your mind and accept NOs

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There is no perfect Manual on how to live. The most perfect is the Bible but you need the Holy Spirit to have a full understanding. Thus, if you do not have Holy Spirit you won’t get the full benefit. There are millions of books that suggest the same things to life. Work hard, do this and that. While there are fundamental things to follow to get the best out of life, there is no clear path for everyone. You may follow the path of a successful person and still fail because there could be factors around you that are not the same as the person, such as the environmental factors which are mostly what shape our lives.

While mentorship is essential, it is smarter to have mentors who are in your field and follow the common thing they do not just what a single person does because there is always a thin line about people's success that we do not see. Amongst all factors is understanding positioning and dynamism of direction. A lot of things will shape your life. The good, bad and ugly. The disappointment. The rejections, the days that seem the whole world is against you.

The first thing to be sure of is to check your attitude because a lot of people think things are just happening based on how their path was designed but attitudes are causing big problems for a lot of people. You can’t process everything in your mind. Seek people’s advice and take the best one. Have a serious deep thought to check yourself. Read books about attitude like the ATOMIC HABIT by James Clear. When you fix your mind. Then you will understand the NOs you get might be to shape your life. I got a No on some things 2 months ago, today, I am happy I got the NO.

How do you feel when people turn you down? How does it feel when your expectations go sideways? Disappointment might be the greatest blessing in your life.

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Problems are 10% most of the time, 90%. Is our reaction to that issue, most of the time we fix our mind and intentions to people, neglecting the way we can resolve that problem, reading and self reflecting, will go a long way to shaping our mind, and increase of sense of judgement