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Childhood games…. Hmmm, this is one interesting contest that reminds me of when I was little.

I grew up as a child in a ghetto community of Lagos. Some in a province called "Ikorodu". If you are a Nigerian you'll understand how the streets of Lagos are, especially the mentioned region. Though the notorious activities in the streets of Lagos didn't stop my childhood fun.

As a child, I could remember the joy when we were asked to go out to play with our friends, and sometimes when we disapproved, I would sneak out of the house to play. Oh, I would tell you the fun in it, especially playing in the rain, the freedom and connection you make with others, but mother will say, "Son, do you want to catch a cold?"

Oh, I miss those good fun days. Well enough of those memories. Back then growing up, we had a lot of fun games. As an African child, it requires energy and creativity like; Hide and seek(here in Nigeria, we call the game Boju boju), forming a big circle like your mother cooking out, Police and thief where the police chase the thief, Paper soccer, Suwe, Tete and a lot more but my favorite was paper soccer.

Paper soccer it's more of using plain paper and drawing out a football pitch, than setting out your players(team) and your opponent. The players were to be replaced using bottle caps and for the ball. Lol, I remember emptying my school uniform buttons just to play this game. I did receive a lot of punishment from my School teachers. But still, I was so adamant to adhere to their warnings. Lol

I could remember the fun and joy of dancing and playing in the rain even though the possibility of catching a cold was certain, but the sweet vibes and endless happiness didn't make us think of the bad side of it.

Now, all these childhood games have faced out due to technology, our young ones don't even know about these games. Xbox and Ps4 have taken over. Oh, the good old days did leave remarkable memories for old folks like me.

I wish to invite @tonious and @zanoza to join this contest they seems old like me 😹😹


Dancing and playing in the rain was always something that gave us a lot of joy and laughter, that was back then when we did not care about what people thought about us. But now everyone is big, and we do not have time to do all that.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

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