Balancing Expectations and Personal Choices

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It's a brand new year, and many of us already have one plan or another that we're looking forward to this year; some could be pre-scheduled, while others are just being looked forward to with the assurance that they'll come at some point or another this year. Unlike everyone else, I've tried to think far and near, and I can't seem to place my head around one event I'm looking forward to.


But then, that doesn't mean I don't have upcoming projects or plans for the year; it's just that I don't really place much significance on them to the point where I'll be so eager about them or looking forward to when they'll arrive, but then In response to the focal point of today's topic, I'd love to share one of those that seems to be the most significant and anticipated in this new year, and it's as stated below.

So one of my cousins, Maria by name, would be getting married in the first quarter of this year. The fiance is a friend of mine, and he already told me about his plans and how he'd love to just get the event out of the way and just move on with life. They already did their introduction sometimes last year, and it was a wonderful experience, except for the fact that it wasn't a very palatable one for me personally.

Lols I know you might be wondering why the happiness of my cousin's isn't too palatable for me. It's not that I'm not happy for her; in fact, I'm super excited, and the role I played to make sure the ceremony was a success was enormous, but after the event, we sat down as a big family for a meeting in which we'd discuss the growth of the family and how the actual wedding ceremony would go. That was when stray bullet started hitting my heart.

It was as though everyone had me in mind prior to this event, and the ceremony was their opportunity to let out their minds. I was being called out, abused, or charged to be serious with my life because they don't understand how my young cousin, whom I'm older than by at least 8 years, is getting married, not forgetting that two of my other younger ones have done the same, and I'm not showing any signs of doing that anytime soon.

At this point, I kind of don't know if the meeting was held to be about me or about plans for the wedding proper. Well, now that it's seven months after the engagement ceremony and the meeting, I'm yet to go into a relationship or plan on getting married, and I know this time around, I better brace myself for what would happen after the wedding ceremony, or else I won't be surprised if they brought a lady and said, Here is your wife. Hahaha, I'm joking; they won't dare do such.

Well, it's what it's; since the groom is my friend and my cousin Maria won't be happy with me if I miss her wedding ceremony, I won't have bother stepping foot there at all. Well, let's see how it goes. Maybe I'll just attend the wedding ceremony and look for any possible opportunity to run away before it's time for a family meeting after the event. I know that would hold because it's what we do after every single event held in our family.

Well, that's about all the events I'll be looking forward to in this new year. For me, I'd love to skip them, but I doubt I can, so let's see. Thanks so much for your time. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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Omo... People won't just mind their business. They keep feeling like marriage is an achievement and without it you're a failure. Whereas, getting married to the wrong person is in itself a failure. This is the situation many people find themselves, people just be peppering them to marry, as if na so e easy...
Brother, just do your thing and take your time. When you're ready you'll do what you have to do 😇
Don't let that ruin the fun you'll have on Maria's big day🥲

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The groom is your friend and the bride is your cousin. So how can you escape from it? In my opinion, there is no chance of it. So stop daydreaming because that thing is not going to happen🤣.
It's a matter of double celebration and I hope you will enjoy each moment of that time.


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