Embracing Change

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For each and every one of us, there are things we've set for ourselves as a resolution for this year, either to adopt as a lifestyle or let go of what we used to do in the past. All in all, most of this is focused on the betterment of our lives, and in this article, I'll be talking about something I'll love to let go of this year in my bid to move forward with my life. I hope you'll find it worthwhile.


I'm not the type who indulges in many things or activities, so it's not easy to just pick one or two things I'll want to let go of, but after critical thinking, I've come to realize that there's one thing I should let go of this year in order for me to move on to the next phase of life. So to bring that new phrase into reality, I'll be sharing what I'll be letting go of this year, and without further ado, let's get into it.

Letting go of my aromaticsm:

For the past few years, I've stayed away from love and anything that has to do with affection or commitment to another person, and that's most definitely because of my past experience with love, which literally made me stay away from it or want anything to do with it. But the year is running by, and neither is it that I'm getting younger, so I guess letting go of that and giving love another chance would be a good idea for me.

If someone were to tell me that I'll change my mind when I make it up, never to love again, go into a relationship, not to talk of getting married, I'll say it's a lie, but then, I guess the saying that time healer is absolutely true, because with the amount of years that have passed, I've gradually recovered from the hurts and now freely made friends with the other gender, unlike how I ran away from anything that had to do with them years ago.

Another reason why this thought might be coming to mind aside from the fact that time heals is the fact that almost all of my friends are married and have children of their own. With the way they're evolving with life, I don't really feel comfortable any longer like I did when only a few of them got married, so I guess I better let go of the garment of aromaticsm and put on the coat of love.


The last but not least reason why I'm doing this is most definitely because of my love for children and the desire to have them around me. I'm a lover of kids, and seeing them brings me joy. There's no way one can have quality time with other people's children without a time coming for them to go home, so I guess my love for these young ones will push me out of my shell this year.

Basically, what letting go of aromatics would bring to my life is letting go of the past, giving love another try, and possibly starting a family of my own. I know this might take time to actualize, but then the year is still very young, so it's a step-by-step journey throughout the year.

And to actualize this, I just need to step out of my shell and be more friendly and nice to ladies, because in the past, I didn't even want to be friends with you once I knew you weren't married. I prefer making friends with married women because I know they've finally reached their bus stop, but a single lady might be expecting something to progress from the friendship, and that's why I stay off them, but the narrative would have to change for me to work this new resolution to perfection.

That's about it for today. I hope you enjoyed the read. Do have a wonderful night's rest and stay blessed.

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 3 months ago  

This is very beautiful to read, the fact that you have had a change of mind most especially. I am glad that you have gotten over all the hurts and finally ready to open your heart again. I pray you find that one person that will be perfect for you and will actually worth the wait.

When you find the potential person, try not to move too fast, and also keep an open mind. Invite us for the wedding when it’s time😌😌

 3 months ago (edited) 

Smile, thanks so much for your kind words and well wishes, I hope things work out well and that the right person is found.

I'll definitely keep it slow, if not too slow of her liking 😂.

For the wedding, certainly, at the right time.

Thanks so much.

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 3 months ago  

It’s my pleasure🤗

 3 months ago  

It's really time to put on the coat of love.
I know that past bad relationship experiences can give one heartbreak and trauma to the extent that they never want to try love again
But no matter how fragile the heart is, it must yearn for more love.
Wish you luck this time around.

 3 months ago  

Yea that's true, we should let it go and give love a try once again, hopefully things go well this time around.

 3 months ago  

If we close our eyes because of bad people, good one might pass without notice. It's good that you are opening up your mind to friendship beyond the initial bound. Past experiences could hurt but one needs to be positive about what is coming in the future.

 3 months ago  

I total understand you it is not always easy to heal from heartbreak i know how it hurts i am happy you are able to overcome you are one strong person i know try an give love a chance i wish you all the best

 3 months ago  

Wow!wow! Wow! Sir Vic, I’m still wowing oo. Who would’ve thought you’d ever say this. No one!

It is good that you’ve thought about this well. Letting go of the past is not an easy thing to do, but trust me, it is the best. I’m gald you’re out of that phase. Let’s see what the future brings. Good luck!