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The world we live in is one filled with so much pressure that society has literally heaped pressure on individuals, and if one isn't strong, it can lead to depression, weigh the victims down, or worse, lead to suicide. It takes strength and a strong will to live above these pressures, even though it isn't an easy task at all. Personally, I've got countless pressures coming from different aspects.


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Although pressures can sometimes be good, as they can serve as a charge that helps us achieve our goals swiftly, when someone with less gut faces pressure, they might end up breaking down and becoming a shadow of themselves due to the damages such pressures can cause to one's health and style of living.

So in this article today, I'll be sharing my pet's experience with the various pressures I'm going through, how I'm dealing with them, or how I've overcome the ones I've faced. It certainly isn't an easy experience to go through for anyone, and I hope my experience has a caption to help others live Above related pressures I've undergone.


  • WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED: These are like the highest on the list of pressures I'm going through presently because they come from basically every angle, from parents to coworkers, friends, and neighbors, even to fellow hivers here on the blockchain. A day can't seem to go by without me having at least one person ask me about when I'll be getting married.


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Marriage is a beautiful thing, and wives are a good support system for every man who finds the right one, but despite my determination to get some responsibility off my sleeves before diving into marriage, my mom won't let me have peace, and any time she calls, she won't fail to remind me of her expectation to see my spouse. The same goes for all my friends, of whom basically almost 95% are married.

One thing I do to fend off their pressure is to make them believe I've heard them and even promise to work on it asap, but deep down within me, I know I won't be diving into marriage in a rush without being certain the person will be the one who compliments me. Also, there are responsibilities that made me shy away from weddings, and I won't jump into one until I'm certain such responsibilities have been pushed to a substantial stage.

  • MATERIAL ITEMS PRESSURE: A typical example of these is the place I work. I work among a set of people who believe that once one person along with us purchases something, then everyone else should as well. In my earlier days at the office, once any trader brings their stuff in and one person along with us purchases something, others begin to apply pressure to you, stating that you should purchase something as well.

Even if you try to use an excuse of "I'm not buying because there are no funds presently," they tell you the seller knows we're civil servants and would come back for his money by month's end. For such reasons, I've been pressurized into buying two things I really don't have any use for, but after those two times, I've tightened my grid on my decision and no matter how much they try to convince me, I don't yield to it anymore.

  • SELF INFLICTED PRESSURE: Yes, you read that correctly. I do personally inflict some pressure on myself, and although sometimes they are good and help me achieve things, it's quite disheartening and could make me feel less of myself, most especially when I start comparing what some of my friends have attained and yet it seems I'm lacking. Behind, I began to struggle with all my time to attain such heights as well.


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Aside from being physically or materially things, even here on hive there are days when I walk through other users' profiles and wallets and begin to make comparisons. Before I know it, I've brooded a pressure to either meet such person's height, put more effort so as not to be outrun, and the like. Although some might say these had their good sides, the same way it does is how it has its downside on my having enough time to rest and relax my nerve. Truth be told, I'm yet to overcome this particular pressure.

That's about all of my life experience with different pressures I'm going through and how I've been able to manage or live about some of them, although there are other pressures like those coming from work by superiors who felt I should be doing their duties alongside mine because I'm still young and fit, but then that's minimal. I wrote these in participation with the HIVE learners prompt stated in Kronias' article; read through to get the full details.

Thanks so much for reading through, have a blessed and productive day.


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Yes true. We're on the same boat. Asking when will you get married puts pressures on anyone else. But I just not let that statement ruin my life. What matter is we live and enjoy our life. Let's think the brighter side instead of stressing ourselves.

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Yea that's just the way to go, I see many has been affected by such questions and pressure, but living our lives and taking our time before jumping into anything helps alot.

Thanks for your input.

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That marriage pressure can be something else in our society today, too much pressure on those who are of age.

I mean, such pressure have only led a few into the right marriages, I wish it can be stopped.

Work on it's own is a pressure for me 🥲

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Many people feel getting married is something that can be planned in just two days or a day. It's a lifetime thing and nobody should be pressured into getting married when they are not ready.

 last year  

If care is not taken, we may lose control and break down from the strain pressure puts on us and it will be unfortunate.

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I am right there with you on needing a strong will to survive and keep moving forward. Can't allow expectations and pressure from others to get into our minds too much. Or allow our own sometimes unreasonable expectations to hurt us either.


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