Creative-Sunday : Flying Whale [Digital Art]

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Hello Friends,
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. Today we will share the #creative-sunday campaign's initiative by HiveLearners.

In this Photoshop Tutorial, Learn how to create a surreal flying big whale in the sky view from a balcony Photoshop manipulation tutorial sunset photo effects. In this surreal photo manipulation tutorial, you'll make a flying whale view from the balcony.

It's one of that quick and simple surreal photo manipulation tutorials you'll learn how to use the Adjustment Layer tool. Hue Saturation Tool, Photoshop camera Raw, and Color Efex Pro to put Dramatic photo effects.

I use Photoshop CC, but I'm sure it will work with earlier versions or other programs.

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Photo Credit:

Balcony fence:
Clouds :
The girl is sitting alone:
Sun :


Here are some Screenshots to show how to create this Photoshop manipulation effect.

Final Result is ...


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 5 months ago  

glad you like it

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Week 155 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

 5 months ago  

This is really awesome, I've tried to learn the photoshoot but still finding it hard
U must be an expert
Thanks for sharing this is e

 5 months ago  

thank you


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 5 months ago  

wah ji wah kya baat hai 😍

 5 months ago  

thanks for your support and love.

When I see whales flying it always reminds me of Treasure Planet and Fantasia. 🌌

 5 months ago  

glad you like it


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 5 months ago  

A flying is a very rare and appeasing sight... I love this creativity.

Especially the lady sitting to get that view to memory 😍

 5 months ago  

thanks for your support and love.

With the color of the light and the clouds, it looks like something from a dream. Awesome! 🌠

 5 months ago  

Glad you like it.

 5 months ago  

Seeing this miraculous art for the first time like wow have mixed and matched everything, a dreamy girl can only gaze flying whale as she is day dreamer hehe !LUV

 5 months ago  

Glad you like it :)

Wonderful composition. So surreal and magical.

 5 months ago  

thanks for your continued support and love

 5 months ago  

Hi @ykdesign, I love your collage,the girl sitting comfortably wearing light clothes watches that huge whale that seems to float among the clouds.

 5 months ago  

glad you like it :)

Simplify fantastic! Rich in colors, nice background. A very beautiful image :)

Great work. I was doing these Photo-Manipulation Artwork but now struggling to find new ideas.

Hi friend, I've been following your photoshop works, I think they are great, I've even made some of my own works. I would like you to see them, thanks to your tutorials.

Sadly, they have not been so well received in the community. What do you think could be improved to achieve better results?


Beautiful artwork. I'm glad it pop out in my dashboard. It was good to see how you make it too! voted it 💖