Hive Marketing Campaign 24012601 Week 4 For Achimmertens

Hello everyone who wants to earn some small money,

here I announce the next advertising contest for week 4 from sponsor @achimmertens, period: 2024-01-24 to 2024-02-01.

Earn Money(2).png


Advertising Text:

"Read the task offer from @achimmertens:"


This is Achim Mertens attempt to establish a job market here on hive. Behind this link he offers a task in a special form. If this succeeds, a job market could be integrated into the Hive community. Read it and write about it.

The Reward

The first 10 Hive users, that do this, will get 2.000 Hive each short after the end of the campaign.

Does it work?

Yes. We did it before. Here is the proof:



Inviting Former Members

Hi @barbyjr, @luisfe, @azabache2021, @sayury, @lunafrances, @elioe, @orlandobello, @detlev, @oasiskp2, @advertisingbot, @achimmertens, @cashheaven,
what do you think? Do you want to join the campaign again?

Status of this project

Last week I started to work on this new task/job exchange here on Hive. I created this first post and I am very excited, what the outcome is. I see a lot of potential to create an autoamted marketd exchange but someone should start the initiative. So I did :-)


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