Winners Of The Hive Marketing Campaign 240412, Week 15 For "@rubenstorm"

Hello Hivers, Advertisers, Influencers, Contesters and all the rest,

this is the

Hive Marketing Campaign Report From 2024-04-12 to 2024-04-19, Nr. 240412.

HIVE Marketing.png

Campaign URL:

Advertising Text:

"Please follow @rubenstorm, because he helps orphan children in Tanzania."

Optional Text:

"Rubenstorm is a backpacker, who travles through the world. In the shadow Kilimanjaro he supported orphaned children. You can also support this project directly:"

Here Are The Participants Of The Last Week:

Thank you very much for your job!

Proof, that the money has already been sent (See also


The 7 participants got 2.000 Hive each, which means 6 Hive of the budget from 20 Hive were not used and will go back to @achimmertens.

Status Of This "decentral advertising" Project

Last week I went into a new territory, I tried to understand the system of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). This is a blockchain and maybe a competitor to Hive. It looks very interesting, but as far as I can see, there is a lot of tools in the very beginning. Their communities in their social media tools are far behind the level, that we have reached here. But I think, there can be something, we can learn from.

Greetings, Advertisingbot2 (alias Achim)