Agona-Bedomase Hive Water Project was Finally Opened for Community Consumption Today..


Hello good evening, I am super excited to announce the official launching of the Water Project In Agona-Bedomase in the Ashanti region of Ghana.
much appreciation goes to the chief, elders, assemblyman and the committee members for ensuring this project becoming a reality. For giving us a piece of land to construct this water project.

A Quick Recap of today's Launching.

The program was schedule to kick off exactly 3:00pm.
We went there as early as possible in other to ensure everything is in order. By 3:00pm, the chief and his elders have gathered around to grace this memorable occasions. We commenced the program with a Prayer said by One Pastor from the Community.

We were then introduced by the assemblyman to the community and of course the brand that we represent which is Hive.


@collinz gave a brief introduction about Hive and How Hive has impacted the lives of many people across the globe.
He again made it clear to the people Hive can be access by anyone without any difficulties. We promoted Hive very from that little minute he Had and I appreciate him for that.


From there, we had some leaders from the community expressing their appreciation for this gesture.
Finally the chief of the land expressed his enormous appreciation to the entire Hive ecosystem. They were really thankful for this huge and massive project.


He said water has been a challenge in his area and Have written to the District Assembly to come to their aid. So when he heard the news about this project, He at first thought, we were sent by the assembly to come and construct the water for them. But we said Hive is indeed touching lives and their community needs to benefit from this project.
He was very happy and overwhelmed with so much joy.
He pleaded that if by any means, we had another opportunity to construct such a project, we should again consider the community again because the community has expanded.
Finally, the water was officially opened by the chief for the community consumption. Indeed the community was very happy and expressed so much joy.

Here are Some of the pictures from the Launch
















The leaders promised us that, they will do everything possible in ensuring this project is well-maintained for more years to come.


Now the people of Bedomase can boost of water because of Hive and together with them, we say a very big thank you to everyone contributed in making this a reality. We hope this support won't just end but rather will continue to various communities that needs assistance from us.
Thank You all.
We ended the program with a closing prayer and closed for the day.
Thanks for the attention.

Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


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I'm glad you joined in for the launch today.

Happy as well bro..much appreciated

Are you in the hive marketing discord?

Excellent project and excellent banner I'd love to have one of those when I go to Las Vegas to promote the blockchain.

Pretty awesome work! Thank you very much for putting in this water project.

On discord…I’m yet to join and thanks for that

Absolutely we should definitely get a bunch of us together and start working on marketing together.

Especially since you are currently doing it.

I really love the action that you guys are taking.

Congratulations on an other successful project finished!
What a great way to touch your fellow humans with the gift of HIVE!

It was a great moment with the community and thanks to everyone here for the massive towards the growth of hive


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Such a beautiful thing this.

Hive changing lives. Brings so much joy to my heart ❤️ 🥹

!discovery 30

Massive and I’m happy to be part of this transforming team

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Thanks for coming and supporting. It was a great pleasure working with you bro. Let's make Hive great.

Hive blockchain is changing lives for the better once again. Wow!

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Wow!... Fantastic, I am ecstatic and amazed with the result of the project!.... Congratulations to everyone in the community!.... You guys are great! ... Bravo!!!!

Thank You for this warm message

That's pretty wonderful to hear that this kind of project has been executed by HIVE 😃👏👏
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Thank you team..I’m so honored and happy …