Hive Water Project: The Second Phase Commenced Today, Work is Progressing

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The second phase of the Hive water project began today, and we(@mcsamm and @collinz) are excited to see how the work is progressing. If all goes according to plan, we will be able to finish next week and be able to hand over the water facility to the Agona community. We've faced some challenges from the start, but we've managed to keep up a good pace in order to meet the projected completion time.

For those who may be learning about the project for the first time, it is a Hive project focused on empowering communities. The goal is to offer safe drinking water to communities who have experienced water crisis. It's about reaching out to individuals and making a difference in their lives through the power of the Hive. Again to use the opportunity to spread the word about Hive throughout Ghana and the rest of the world.


final check was done on the pump and the water today by the driller


It was indeed a great sight to see clean water after the dirts were flushed out



Some residents couldn't help it but to fetch some for their use

Second Phase status

The first phase, which involved drilling the borehole and installing pump, was completed successfully last week. The second phase, which entails the construction of the tower to house the water tank and the building of the wall on which the taps will be installed began today. The masons, who started working in the morning, completed a significant amount of work today.





Now that the foundation for both the tower/pillar and wall has been laid, the remaining work will consist of building the concrete tower and wall to the desired height.

This tower will house about 5000-liter tank that will store as much water that the residents of Agona will require for their daily use. Today, several rounds were made on the tank, iron rods, and cements for the building of the wallsl, as well as tiles which will give the wall a fantastic look after it is built.

So far, I would say that a lot of work has been done, with drilling being the most important, and we intend to bring everything to a successful end soon.

We're working on the project while simultaneously making plans with other media outlets to help spread the word. This life changing project has to be told to the masses, and it is our hope that by supporting others with the Hive project, we will also create awareness of the Hive blockchain that is impacting lives.

Our work wouldn't be complete if we do not create more awareness about this wonderful project aftermath the launch. So far, everyone who has read about the project has shown a lot of interest,we appreciate everyone for the support in diverse ways



Great to see another project taking shape !

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Wow amazing job to all those involved great to see phase 2 under way have the best day @collinz 😎
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Thanks for helping to make this a great one. It's a great progress.


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This is just amazing to see that hive isn't just doing good, but the progress that is being achieved

Well done all :)

Thank you @dadspardan. It's indeed amazing to see how Hive is impacting lives

Using Hive in the most positive way possible, this is epic.
Keep up the good work! You inspire us all 👏🏻

Thank you very much. We'll keep working hard for the love for Hive and the community.

Weldone to you @collinz and to everyone involved in the success of this project.

It is inspiring to see how hive can impact the life of the people through a community projects such as this.

Thank you

Nice project!!

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Thank you

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Oh WOW that is amazing. Clean water is just sooo important. That is such a great thing to do :-)

Take my vote :-)

water is indeed a necessity for survival, thank you for stopping by and for the vote @blingit

Wow amazing job @collinz this is really showing the spirit of Alive And Thriving
keep up the awesome work 😎

Made in Canva

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Beautiful sparkling water. I love seeing HIVE funding good projects like these. And all the HIVE MERCH... excellent!


Bookmarked to read later, but upvoted now.

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Thanks for the support

Use cases and projects like these are what make crypto and Hive blockchain revolutionary. Kudos for initiating this project,@mcsamm and @collinz. Upvoted and reblogged.

Added both @mcsamm and @collinz accounts to my auto vote list.

Wow, we're glad to be added to your list sir. We humbly promise to help promote the hive ecosystem to all Ghanaians without hesitation. With these projects empowering people, we reach the hearts of many people with hive. Thank you very much @successforall